The few to brave Irma

  • When:09/11/2017
  • QIC: Costanza
  • The PAX: Drano, Marvel, Simba, Thunder Road, Wolfman, Patch Adams, Smash, Hammer

The few to brave Irma

Given the wind gusts and post BRR weekend,  thought no one was going to show up but Smash had already arrived.  Drano pulled in at 5:25 only to be followed by the rest of the PAX.  It was time get started after the disclaimer was given, should have placed another sentence about possible flying objects but were happy to warm up.

20 Side Straddle Hop
15 Imperial Walker
10 Merkins
10 Low Slow Squats

The Thang
1. Run down Strawberry Lane and stop at bottom of Rosecliff Dr.
1 Squat at bottom, run to top of hill and perform 7 Merkins
Continue to go up and down hill until build up to 7 squats

2. Time for some Mary
Rosalita, Freddy Mercury and LBCs

3. Run back to School near bathrooms and grab a lifting rock
3 rounds-
15 Bicep Curls
15 Tricep Extensions
15 Chest Press

4. Run to Baseball field for some circuit work
2 rounds-
20- Step Ups
15- Dips
15- Supine Pull Ups

5. Mosey over to the track. PAX then Indian Run around the track once at a comfortable pace.  Hammer decided to bring it up a notch.
6. Back to the bathrooms and grab some wall. Balls to the wall handstand for 25 seconds. Time for some rest, get into the people’s chair for 90 Airpresses. Wait, still have time for some LBCs so circle up and crank out 15 LBCs. We are done..


Great work by the PAX as we all stayed together and covered a little over 2.3 miles.   Good to see Patch Adams making it to a number of A51 AOs, keep it up!! We are very fortunate here in Charlotte  given what has happened around the country from Hurricane Harvey and Irma.  Special thoughts goes out to those whom we lost on 9/11.

Simba, thanks for the takeout.

Drano and Goonie- thanks for the invite to lead.

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