Swingin’ in the Rain

  • When:09/12/17
  • QIC: Yeti
  • The PAX: Blazing Saddles, Chin Music, Floaty, Lex Luthor

Swingin’ in the Rain

Despite my unspoken hopes that the weather would prove too gross for a morning workout, we prevailed. And we’re better for it! At least that’s what the four guys and I who showed up to Skunkworks are telling ourselves.

The Thang

Catch me if you can to the courtyard – 5 merkins and then chase, when you meet your partner both do 5 t-bell squats

At the courtyard…

15 side straddle hop, 15 imperial walker

20, 15, 10, 5 – high pulls and merkins in descending number

You go, I go – Partner 1 snatches and holds while Partner 2 snatches, P1 snatches while P2 holds (10 right arm, 10 left arm)

Lap around the church

P1 planks while P2 does 15 swings, P1 drops to six inches when P2 has 5 swings left, (repeat 3x)

six circuits of stairs, one step at a time (x2) skip a step (x2) double jump (x2)

You go, I go – P1 clean and press while P2 holds, alternate (15 right arm, 15 left arm)

Lap around the church

P1 squats w/ bell while P2 does 10 goblet squats, (repeat 3x)

Repeat stair circuit

Mosey to front of Church

P1 lunges to the first median while P2 does curls, flapjack (repeat 3x, replacing curls with triceps, then overhead press)

Move to next Median

P1 burpee broad jumps to 2nd median while P2 does curls, flapjack (repeat 3x, replacing curls with triceps, then overhead press)


Lex wasn’t a fan of running stairs as recovery after leg work. In retrospect, he had a fair point.

Chin and Lex discovered they went to college at the same time. Nothing like a small workout in the rain to rekindle old Clemson flames.

We all agreed Floaty should have Q’d given his name.


It was a wet, rainy honor! See you next time.



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