No Boom Town Rats at The Matrix!

  • When:09/11/2017
  • QIC: Fault Line
  • The PAX: Crabcake, Smokey, Ready Mix, Squid, No Regerts, LaRonda, Madison, O'Tannenbaum (R), Header, Turkey Leg, Young Love, Chin Music, Huggy Bear, Fault Line (QIC)

No Boom Town Rats at The Matrix!

For those of us around in the early 80’s, you might remember Bob Geldof who starred in the movie Pink Floyd: The Wall and also was the driving force behind the philanthropic song “Do They Know it’s Christmas” which led to the dual-continent fund raising concerts Live Aid in 1985 to help feed the starving people in Africa. Well before all that, he was merely the lead singer for the UK based Boom Town Rats whose only well known song was called “I Don’t Like Mondays”; a little ditty inspired by one of the earliest school shootings that took place in San Diego, CA in 1979. Being a proud child of the 80’s, I was crooning “Tell me why….I don’t like…” that tune en route to the The Matrix at 5am. However, upon arrival, I  vanquished all soreness and grogginess and replaced it with a desire to give the men of F3 what they deserve on a beautiful September Monday morning. After a disclaimer, here’s what we did:

  • Mosey to lower lot for COP: SSH, IW, Mountain Climbers, Peter Parker, Low Slow Squat (all x 20). Merkins x 10 OYO in between.
  • Mosey behind school around to front mini-track: Plank Jacks, Carolina Dry Docks, Romanian Dead Lifts x 25 with a lap in between.
  • Mosey across front of school to soccer fields; break into three groups, do called exercise and run to next station then rotate:
    • Station 1 – Jump Squats x 40 / change to WWII (old school) situps after 3 rotations
    • Station 2 – Cinder blocks, bicep curls and tricep extensions x 20 each
    • Station 3 – Thrusters x 25 using 40lb sandbags / change to chest press after 3 rotations
  • Circle up for Mary: Freddie Mercury, Rosalita, Heels to Heaven x 20.
  • Done!

Great group of guys today. I haven’t been to The Matrix in awhile, great to see the regulars (OT, Madison, Smokey, Crabcake, Huggy and others) pushing each other hard. I took a quick lap around the AO to set up, the soccer field was in the best shape I’ve ever seen. I think we got in 6 loops, so that’s a lot of reps of cinder blocks and sandbags #getswole. I thought I heard No Regerts was new to The Matrix, hope it didn’t disappoint. Poptart didn’t make it out this am, but Squid assured us he did survive his first BRR. A few announcements; F3 Golf, signup soon. Susan Komen race coming up, F3 doing Speed for Need. Please check Slack, Twitter and email for more information.

Of course today is the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks. Thank you Squid for the takeout and words of encouragement as we go out today, think of all those who were affected and all the men and women who work to protect us and help us when tragedy strikes. God bless America.

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