Tom Brady’s Hangover

  • When:09/08/17
  • QIC: LaRonda
  • The PAX: Caddy Shack, Smokey, Floor Slapper, Hoover, Funky Cold, Chin Music, Semi-Gloss, Joker, Yeti

Tom Brady’s Hangover

YHC was tempted to be in a surly mood after the Patriots ruined my hopes for a good start to the Fantasy Football season, however the brisk morning air and consequently brisk dew covering the football field at CC served to revive YHC’s downtrodden spirit.
Very important Disclaimer: YHC is a Panthers fan, thus any positive comments made towards the Patriots, said organization’s quarterback, tight end, and/or defensive unit are solely founded upon YHC’s reliance on said parties to perform well in Fantasy Football. In all other situations, the aforementioned Boston institution (which from hereafter will be referred to as The Patridiots) can be assumed to be the recipient of feelings of ill-will.
The Thang:
Mosey from launch to “upper” parking long
SSH x15
IW x15
LSS x10
Merkin x10
(all IC)
Mosey down to football press box.
-Circle up in plank position. One PAX does hand release merkin, followed by PAX to his immediate left, etc. All other PAX hold plank until their turn to perform merkin, go around the circle as such for 2.5min
-Same concept with chair plank/burpees for 1.5min.
Mosey down stadium, up Granny to playground.
-EMOM (Every minute on the minute) for 10 minutes:
 5 pull-ups
 10 squats
 5 toes to bar (or leg raises or knee to elbow)
Mosey down to football field (goal line).
-Catch Me if You Can(ish).
Partner up.
1) P1 runs to opposite goal line and back to P2. P2 performs burpee-broad jump until P1 returns, flapjack and repeat all the way down the field.
2) Repeato with Walking RDL instead of burpee-broads
3) Repeato with broad jumps
Backwards mosey to 50 yd line.
-Plank in Tunnel of Love formation (insert groans here). YHC announced that TOL was not the forthcoming exercise (insert rejoicing), explained the new routine (re-insert groaning):
One PAX assumes plank position face-to-face with end man in TOL line. He performs 1 hand slap merkin with PAX in front of him, then moves down the line to the next PAX, 1 hand slap merking, etc. Go until each PAX has moved through the routine.
Lunge walk to goal line. Mosey back to 50.
American Hammer x25
Parker Peter x10
Mtn Climber x10
(all IC)
Mosey back to launch.
Nakey Moley:
General observations:
-Nice to meet Hoover for the first time. Standing approximately 2′ taller than YHC’s 5’9″, he’s hard to miss and had an unfair advantage on the CMIYC on the field due to his 3.5 yd stride length.
-Smokey took a huge step of personal growth as he wore a Harding University pullover this morning. On second thought perhaps this was done in mockery…
-Caddy’s new coworking space serves beer. Many PAX now considering becoming entrepreneurs.
-Chin Music continually ruins YHC’s general assumption that baseball players can’t run. Dude’s fast. As is Joker, but I think Joker’s speed is tied to the aerodynamic advantage he gains by wearing his visor bass-ackwards. Which brings up another point: is wearing a visor when there’s no sun in the same category as wearing sunglasses inside?
-Semi-Gloss provided the requisite heckling/mumblechatter. His heart may be growing however (a la the Grinch), as he apologized to YHC after COT and assured me he was only joking. Not sure if the cold weather is putting him in the Christmas spirit already, but it’s weird.
Thanks to Yeti for the opportunity to Q.
-F3 golf. Sign up or Caddy will find you. All the info on
-Speed for Need/Isabella Santos is coming up. Check anywhere that Tolkien frequents for more info.

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