Back to School Q

  • When:08/24/2017
  • QIC: Benny
  • The PAX: Tweetsie, JR Tolkien, Bullwinkle, Cocktail, Geraldo, Slim Fast, Sensei, Lois, Snoopy, Drano, Rock Thrill, Mind Crime, Costanza, Lumberjack(R), Nomad(R), Joker, Benny(Q)

Back to School Q

16 strong pax made the right decision to post at Peak 51 today, after a solid disclaimer following mumbling from the pax we took off. Departed Matthews Elementary onto South Trade Street then took a left onto Sadie Drive heading towards First Baptist Church. While waiting for the six, mumbles we’re mentioned for burpees so YHC called for 2 burpees on your own. Once the six arrived the Back to School Session began.


20 SSH

20 Imperial Walkers

10 Americans

10 LSS


After the pax partnered up,  YHC explained being this was my Back to School Q that we’d include some of my favorite activities today. Mumbles of recess were mentioned however, my definition was involved lots of running. After a disclaimer was given to run to each of the 3 light posts and to the back of the church we began starting with Burpees.

Round 1

Partner 1 Runs

Partner 2 Burpees

10 count was called in between as I explained the second round would include Imperial Walker Squats.

Round 2

Partner 1 Runs

Partner 2 Imperial Walker Squats

Following a 10 count the pax moseyed on over towards the Baseball hill for our next activity. While waiting for the pax, the Q called for LBCs civilian count while waiting. After making a Q fail with losing my breath hearing some mumbles to count louder. YHC decided to have the pax do 2 burpees again on your own. When Lois Q’d back in May he tried 11’s on flat surfaces not liking hills. However YHC getting ready for BRR likes hills against Lois’s words who said I was weird for liking hills. However, after checking the wenkie I decided it be best to audible to 7’s.

Started at the bottom of the hill with 1 Jump Squat, run to the top of the hill for 6 Carolina Dry Docks. Run back, 2 Jump Squats, 5 Carolina Dry Docks. Going all the way up to 6 Jump Squats and 1 Carolina Dry Dock. After a 10 count was given we moseyed to Matthews Elementary Bus Lot. The pax asked if we were getting ready for YHC friend Jack Webb, I said nah we have a better friend thanks to Lois.

One of my favorite games back in school was Duck Duck Goose, back in May Lois introduced Peak 51 to his version of Duck Duck Goose which he called Stonehenge. YHC however called it “Satan’s Duck Duck Goose, essentially we formed 1 big circle and 1 person makes a big lap around the circle made by the pax. The rest of the circle does called exercises by the Q until it was there turn to run. Sounds simple enough, but the results were felt really quick.

Round 1: LBC’s. Sure simple at the time until the pax realized we were only halfway through the circle.

Round 2: Rosalita’s. “Benny why did you have to bring this one out of the bag” Lois.

After a 10 count by Rock Thrill, pax moseyed on over to our start point. We had enough time for a quick Mary.

15 LBCs(in cadence)

15 Rosalitas(in Español)

And done.


BRR in 2 weeks! Best of luck to all of the teams as they prepare aiming to stay injury free.
BRR 2018, if interested talk to Slim Fast.

Slim Fast with the strong take out.


All in all we covered between 1.1 and 1.3 miles depending on your pace.  This being my 2nd Q since the infamous visit from Jack Webb many of the pax wondered when would Jack Webb appear. Jack Webb was in the wenkie however, after looking at the time following 7’s I felt it was best to remove Jack Webb.

T-Claps to JR Tolkien for taking the time to come out to Peak 51, while out on the Prerun this morning I was surprised not to see him when he said he’d pre run with me. Something about meeting him on the track? Turns out he started off at South Charlotte Middle finished a 5k realized he was at the wrong AO and met us during our suicide rounds. Thanks for coming out, it was great seeing you come out this way.

A lot has changed in about a year, having talked to Tweetsie a couple weeks ago at Peak and Mountain Goat it made me realize that I have been in Charlotte exactly almost a year. I can remember my first ever post back in September last year that Early Bird Eh’d me to come, I’m amazed with how much Peak 51 has grown and I have grown within close to a year of being involved in F3.

T-Claps for Sensei, Slim Fast, Tweetsie and Geraldo for joining me on the Pre Run this morning as we all prepare for the BRR in 2 weeks.

Thanks Sensei, Lois and Booyah prior to Lois becoming the new Co-site q for letting me lead. I still have a ways to go but appreciate all of F3 has done for me this past year. It’s provided me with a great support system and group of leaders who have impacted my life in about a year’s time. Peak 51 is an excellent AO and it’s always a pleasure to lead these men.


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JRR TolkienPosted on12:52 am - Aug 25, 2017

Nice work Benny. Way to step up as a youngster and lead all of us old ugly grumpy men. Except for Geraldo of course.

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