“It’s a shortcut…”

  • When:08/22/2017
  • QIC: Fault Line
  • The PAX: Purple Haze, Margo, Retread, Tweetsie, 'Bout Time, Alf, Rachel, Mr. Brady, Purell, Baracus, Pop Tart, Turkey Leg, Champagne, Mouth, Gummy, Horsehead, LaRonda, Semi-Gloss, Runstopper, One Eye, Joker, Fault Line (QIC)

“It’s a shortcut…”

Following an epic Solar Eclipse, 22 motivated PAX took it upon themselves to improve their fitness/cardio by embarking on yet another Fast Twitch adventure. Some many are “training” for the upcoming BRR, others just like to mix up their routine with a good run, while still others just enjoy camaraderie and August humidity. So here’s what we did…

THANG: After a quick disclaimer, we went out via Strawberry, hit Hwy 51 toward the Arboretum, crossed over 51 at the McDonald’s onto Arboretum View, quick left on Bon-Rea past the barricade, then right on Swan Run Rd. Took a right on Amanda Lane (aka Swan Meadow) and circled up at Lammers Lane loop for quick COP and instructions.

SSH x 10, IW x 10, 15 merkins OYO. Instructions were then given to run the Lammers Lane loop, stopping for 15 merkins each time around. Go!

Mid-way audible to swap LBC for merkins. Regroup for some mary (plank variation and LBC), head back via Springs Drive to Arboretum View then up 51 back to school.

Q-COMMENTARY: Although a bit sluggish from a relaxing weekend at the beach, I had to show up prepared since 7 of my 9-man BRR team were going to be present #gominions. Once we took off and didn’t stop near the three quarter mile mark at Arbo, the razzing and idle chatter started. “Where are we going?”, “I need some Imperial Walkers”, “He doesn’t have a plan yet” After crossing 51, the group fell into a nice cadence along the flat quiet stretch before the barricade. One Eye was getting choked up and nostalgic thinking we were going to visit his old AO of Sofawib. After the barricade, we were disappointed to see the Red Light district was not operational today…perhaps closed for repairs. The loops went really well, some were nervous about the 1.95 mile return run and whether there would be enough time. Tukey Leg and Rachel seemed to lead the charge with several others on their heels. After 4 loops for most, Runstopper says there’s a “shortcut” the cuts right through down at the corner. After a little confusion due to the group being spread out, we managed to converge at the far end of the loop. After some planking and LBC, we cut across the dead end, passed the well-used mattress near the dumpster to what can only be described as the perfect place to disappear and never be found again due to murder, poisonous creatures, injury or just plain confusion in a 40 yard length of creek crossing, loose footing, sticks, uneven trail, low branches and total darkness. BUT….we all made it to the other side safely, a couple twisted ankles, a little mud on the shoes and some spider webs in the eyes. Alas we made it back to the school with time to kill….so we stormed the track to scare the RFYLers for a couple laps. All good, fast guys were in the mid-6 total miles, most were above 5 miles…not bad.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: F3 Golf Tourney October 27th. Charlotte marathon team relay November 11th, group effort, short legs, pushing Speed for Need carts and kids…see Slack or Twitter to sign up.

Thanks to Purple Haze and Rachel for the opportunity to lead. Thanks to Semi-Gloss for the takeout.

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AlfPosted on5:59 pm - Aug 22, 2017

I certainly appreciated the flat course for a change. I do think it was a little weird for you to accept an offer from Run Stopper to head into the dark woods with an old mattress. But who am I to judge? Either way, another chapter in the lore of Fast Twitch.

HorseheadPosted on8:28 pm - Aug 22, 2017

That one left a mark, both physically and emotionally.

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