Horsey is Almost Over

  • When:08/21/2017
  • QIC: Rachel
  • The PAX: Ann & Hope, Hollands, Ickey Shuffle, MAD, Disney, Alf, Chelms aka Tatertot (R), Turkey Leg, Boy Scout (R, WD), Tweetsie, Snowflake (R), Geraldo, Chin Music

Horsey is Almost Over

14 Pax came for the penultimate edition of this year’s Horsey McHorse Arse. Between the hills, the heat, and the stench, YHC hopes everyone got something they were looking for.

The Thang

Easy run down Old Bell, left on Blue Ridge, left on Mountainview. Continue down to where Wilby meet Sardis. Hold up for the six. Give instructions for the remainder of the workout. Real simple here. Run up Wilby. Stay right at the fork to continue on Mountainview. Turn right on Old Bell. Go all the way to the end of the cul-de-sac. Turn around. Go back the way you came. Do as many rounds as possible. Meet at the flagpole at 6:10 for the pledge. Head back to the launch.

Naked Moleskin

YHC will keep this simple like the workout. Horsey sucks. A lot. But where’s the witty BB? Does it really matter? Eclipse watching has burned everyone’s retinas so no one can read this anyway.


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Chelms aka TatertotPosted on2:52 pm - Aug 25, 2017

This BB is right in line with most of the Horsey BB’s this year – lame. Who did you pay to give it 5 t-claps? At least you can run fast.

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