It’s only 85% humidity

  • When:08/19/2017
  • QIC: Costanza
  • The PAX: Chin Music, Scratch and Win, Daisy, Beltline, Drano, Pele, Fugitive, Sony

It’s only 85% humidity

YHC arrived with Fugitive in the parking lot.  The PAX trickled in slowly, with Drano and Daisy arriving from their pre-workout of a 4 mile run.  The disclaimer was given and off to a quick warmup as eager to start off strong.


20 Side Straddle Hop
15 Imperial Walker
10 Merkins
10 Low Slow Squats

The Thang
1. Run down Olde Providence to Harris Teeter parking lot, stopping at every light post and performing 5 Merkins. Once there, plank and then doubleback, stopping at every light post for 10 LBCs.  Great, we already covered a mile!!

Once back at school, let’s mosey over to the tree with the benches
20 Step Ups (each leg)
15 Low Slow Squats
15 Incline Merkins

2. Run across street to church
Pick a rock and then partner up.

Partner 1 runs to side of church near Salvation Army bin
Partner 2 -perform Bicep Curls then flapjack upon Partner 1 return
Round 2 – Shoulder Presses, Round 3- Tricep Extensions , Round 4- 10 Squat Thrusters

Mary break- Flutters, Freddy Mercury, Rosalita

3. Mosey to Concession Stand


15 Tricep Dips
10 Step Ups, each leg
20 Incline Merkins

4. Mosey toward the Football field, form one line and Indian Run along football and baseball fields, stop at the parking lot

5. Mosey to brick wall for People’s Chair. PAX took turns performing 10 Merkins while remaining PAX suffered on the wall. Round 2, PAX back onto to the wall into the People’s chair for 50 AirPresses and then 30 Arm raises.

The Moleskin

Great work by the PAX today as we covered 2.8miles and everyone stayed together through the workout.  Very little talking, everyone hit it hard!  It has been a year since starting F3, the first day was a little overwhelming with the lexicon and different exercises but now it certainly has become more natural.  Glad to be part of the PAX as have posted at various sites such as BaseCamp, Peak 51, Meathead and where it all started, here at Ascent. Thank you to all the PAX which have provided support and encouragement throughout the year.   Thank you to Sony for providing me the opportunity to lead the PAX on my anniversary (yes, it was a bit of a beatdown but felt good).  Scratch and Win, thanks for the takeout.


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