Training Day

  • When:08/03/2017
  • QIC: Costanza
  • The PAX: Elizabeth, Little Mike, Simba, Shake N’ Bake, Joker, Tweetsie, Franco, Thurston, Nomad, Lumberjack, Houdini, Pop, Mind Crime, No Doubt, Fullhouse, Bonhoffer (FNG Sara), Snoopy, Cocktail

Training Day

YHC was eager to get going as arrived earlier to perform some recon work.  The disclaimer was given and off to a quick mosey to the back of the school.  , after the diclaimer



15 Side Straddle Hop

15 Imperial Walker

10 Windmills

10 Low Slow Squats

10 Mountain Climbers


The Thang

1. Four corners- Break into teams of 4 and each team performs exercise in each corner and then runs back to center of parking lot and performs 1 burpee and then onto the next corner exercise.

    Corner 1- 10 Jump Squats

   Corner 2- 10 LBC

   Corner 3- 10 Merkins

   Corner 4- 10 Flutter

   When all teams are completed, plank and then repeato


2. Partner Up for lap around school grounds

P1 – runs one way around school grounds

P2- runs the other way around school grounds

When partners meet, both get down and perform 10 Handslap Merkins

Plank until all PAX return and then repeato


3. Over to the playground

10 Supine/ Regular Pull Ups

10 Deep Squats

10 Mountain Climbers


4. Indian Run around the AO

5. Mary

Slow Freddie Mercury


LBCs (15 oyo)


6. The Beast- 6 reps of each exercise at cone and then run to the next cone to perform the next exercise

1st cone – Merkins

2nd cone- Squats

3rd cone- Carolina DryDocks

4th cone -Jumping Lunges

Run back to 2nd cone- Baby Crunches

Run back to 1st cone – Burpees

7. Grab some wall behind the school for the Peoples Chair

Round 1- Handstand

Round 2- 50 Air Presses

8. Run back to the parking lot and grab some more wall for the Peoples Chair

Final Round- 50 Air Presses


The Moleskin

Great work by the PAX today.  We stayed together and managed to keep the heart rate up.  I think there was a little confusion in regards to the Indian Run (note to self, clarify the route to be taken). Tweetsie, thanks for watching the six. Bonhoffer brought his daughter Sara, as mentioned she woke him up this morning. The F3 name provided was Hermione as she’s a Harry Potter book fan.

Booyah and Sensei, appreciate providing me the opportunity to lead this morning.  I enjoy coming out Thursday mornings to work out with the PAX.  Thanks to Little Mike for the takeout.

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