Goats Love Donuts Too

  • When:07/28/2017
  • QIC: Retread
  • The PAX: High Tide, Early Bird, Benny, Drano, The Mouth, Strange Brew, Sony, Tweetsie, Nomad (R), Adobe, Lorenzo, Insomniac, Houdini, Alf, Goonie, Beaver (R), Retread

Goats Love Donuts Too

17 Pax gathered and galloped at this week’s edition of Mountain Goat. After a couple of warm-up laps around the SCMS parking lot with butt kickers and high knees thrown in for good measure, we set our sights on one of F3 SCLT’s most hallowed and revered landmarks – the Dunkin Donuts at Colony and Rea. Instructions were to run to Dunkin by way of 51 and Rea and back. If time permits, add a repeat or two on the Danger Zone.


  • Welcome to site FNGs Lorenzo and Adobe. Great work! Hope to see you next time.
  • Great to see wily vets Alf and High Tide at Mountain Goat. Strong running guys, you are #BRRready.
  • BRR 9-man teammate Benny logged 30+ miles this past week, successfully running the gauntlet of Horsey-McHorseArse, Fast Twitch, and Donut Run before adding MG on Friday. That’s a fantastic week Benny, but don’t forget to take a day off.
  • Goonie’s dedication and disciplined approach is paying off. He’s getting stronger and faster each week.
  • Tweetsie continues to impress and always brings a positive attitude to the AO.
  • Slim Fast and YHC appreciate all of you coming out and putting forth your best effort each week.
  • Thanks to Insomniac for the takeout. You have an awesome ability to deliver words of wisdom.


  • Keep the M of a recent FNG to The Charge in your thoughts and prayers as she underwent surgery for colon cancer and now faces chemotherapy.
  • Thoughts and prayers for Insomniac’s M following her colonoscopy.
  • Drivers needed for BRR teams – Mountain Goat needs one driver, as does Goonie’s team.


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