Dulverton Drive

  • When:07/27/2017
  • QIC: Queen
  • The PAX: Jet Fuel, Fireman Ed, Flutie Flakes, Floor Slapper, Sleepy, Queen

Dulverton Drive

Posted on behalf of Queen


6 fine esteemed gentlemen showed up at Hydra on a mild but humid morning. After a brief disclaimer, we started it up.


SSH X 25

IW X 20

Low Slow Squat X 10

Mountain Climbers X 10


Mosey over to the playground.

P1 runs to the dugout while P2 does Merkins, flapjack until 100 merkins

P1 runds to the dugout while P2 does pull-ups, flapjack until 50 pull-ups


Mosey to the big tree with benches surrounding it.

20 step ups, 15 dips. Flapjack


Mosey to the Windyrush/Rae Rd corner.

Run down Windyrush to Foxworth, 10 Carolina Dry Docks at each street lamp on the left side (5 lamps)


Stop at Foxworth for Mary

Partner back up for plank situps (15 situps per partner)

Rosalita X 16

Freddie Mercury X 14


Jog up Foxworth and take a left on Bedfordshire. Stop at the corner of Bedfordshire and Dulverton Dr. There was a port a-potty on that corner, but I looked back and realized Semi-Gloss wasn’t part of the PAX (I was thinking of you brother).

10 merkins, run down Dulverton, 10 merkins, run up Dulverton, 10 merkins run down Dulverton, 10 merkins run up Dulverton, 10 merkins. Plank up at the end.


Mosey over to the Matt Ham’s house on Dulverton

5 burpees in his driveway. (taking a page out of Chico’s book)


Mosey back down Foxworth and through the woods to the football field.

Run 100 yards

Run 100 yards back, AYG


Mosey back to the start




For those of you that hate the Foxworth hill, I figured Dulverton would be a nice change of pace. A quarter of a mile straight up. The downhill wasn’t bad. Going back up was rough (think Summerlin, maybe worse). Sleepy seemed to handle the Dulverton hill with ease. Nice to see Fireman Ed, been a while, glad you made it out. Floor Slapper (Mr. 5:32) actually showed up a few min early, caught me off guard. A lot of you know Matt Ham from Windyrush or Hope. He can probably squat around 700 pounds, but he’s always been too scared to post. I figured we’d take the workout to him. So I texted him a pic of guys doing burpees in his driveway at 6:00 AM.



Flutie Flakes said that F3 New Hampshire is going strong. If anyone’s ever in the area, he said they have a wonderful Saturday morning workout. Thanks for Jet Fuel for taking us out.

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