Showing up for Fast Twitch to Cool Down

  • When:07/25/17
  • QIC: BoutTime
  • The PAX: Semi Gloss, Turkey Leg, Ductwork, Runstopper, Lorax, Alf, Poptart, Mr. Brady, Hopper, Hannibal, Van Pelt (R), Benny, Retread, Margo, Joker, Purple Haze, Ickey Shuffle, Rachel, Fault Line, Mermaid, Baracus, Utah, BoutTime (QIC)

Showing up for Fast Twitch to Cool Down

Never thought I would see the day when I would be showing up at Fast Twitch in July for some cooler temps. With the upstairs at casa de BT reading a balmy 83, today was the day. Mid-seventies at 5am in SCMS parking lot felt great. But as 23 men launched into another episode of FT, the feeling did not last. Here’s why:

The Thang

Loop around parking lot, COP in staff lot

  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Mountain Climbers x 15 IC

Run out and down 51 to entrance to Davie Park

  • Run down park drive to lot at dog park, 15 jump squats, run back to entry
  • Repeat-o

Continue down 51 to Cary Ridge

Run the loop thru Carrington at a fellowship pace, but stop at each side street (7 total). Run the side street at AYG,  then recover mosey back to the main loop and perform the called exercise:

  • Street 1 – Dolly x20
  • Street 2 – Merkins x15
  • Street 3 – Heels2Heaven x20
  • Street 4 – Wide Arm Merkins x15
  • Street 5 – Rosalita x20
  • Street 6 – Diamond Merkins x10 or until Semi rejoins the PAX (he never met a porta-jon he didn’t like)
  • Street 7 – LBCs x25

Regroup with Mary and run OYO pace back to launch.

Finish with 2MOM:

  • Flutter x 20
  • Boone LBCs x 10



Strong work by all today. Attempted to shake things up a bit with some shorter interval speed work while keeping the PAX together. We didn’t set any mileage records, but it seemed to get the blood flowing. YHC also managed to cheat you all out of 2 min of work…but considering about half skipped the 2MOM and went straight for the water bottles / towels at the launch, I don’t think it was missed. Thanks to Rachel and his ever-capable secretary Haze for the opportunity. Semi, for the sake of all Raintree area residents (and the chagrin of construction workers), my Q routes will always include a porta-jon passing. #yourwelcome


  • F3 golf in October
  • Alexander Youth Network this Saturday afternoon, contact Joker for details
  • Shoutout to Ductwork for having an HVAC service rep at my house at a moment’s notice on a Monday morning to get one of our units back running after a lightning strike. Horne Heating & Air – look them up if you are ever in need. A testament to the fellowship and brotherhood shared among the PAX. Thanks brother!

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Purple Haze
3 years ago

Secretary? Is this the 80s Bout Time? I prefer Executive Administrative Assistant.

Ickey Shuffle
Reply to  Purple Haze
3 years ago

Assistant Site Q or Assistant TO the Site Q?

3 years ago

I’m pretty sure the term changed to Admin Assistant when they stopped hiring just hot chicks and went all equal opportunity to hire people actually qualified – like Haze.

Good workout BT and you’re welcome as I redirected the Tomato before she launched with us and it got #weird

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