The Grind

  • When:07/22/2017
  • QIC: Glass Joe
  • The PAX: Bernanke, Boondocks, Double E, Green Thumb, Hoffa, Horsehead, Peanut (FNG Gary B), Shoeless Joe, Stacks, The Late Show, Glass Joe (QIC)

The Grind

Going to keep it simple.  Just a good, long obnoxious grind.


Double E, Hoffa, Shoeless Joe on scooters, Stacks on bike and YHC for 4+ through the hilliest pre-run in UC.

The Thang

Mosey to the courtyard and a disclaimer is given

SSH IC x20
IWs IC x20
Windmills (Abe Vigoda style) IC x10
Low, Slow Squats IC x15

Mosey to the bottom of Hot Dog Hill
Partner up for BLIMPS
P1 runs up the hill and at the top does 5 bombjacks and runs back down while P2 does exercises. Flapjack
Burpees IC x50
Lunges IC x100 (Lunges with both legs counts as one, no cheap counts here and yes, it’s 200 lunges counting as 100 – it’s like an opposite Shepherd count)
Imperial Walkers IC x150 (Again, anti-Shepherd with both sides count as one so really 300 total – get over it)
Merkins x200
Plank Jacks x250
Squats x300

Quick 1 minute water break in the middle as the guys were looking pretty roughed up thanks to Hot Dog Hill and the high number of reps along with the humidity.

A few teams finished early and did a run around the park as well as started on LBCs x350 until everyone finished

Running low on time but can’t resist an exercise named after the park itself.

Tonawandas three times through. It’s basically rail walk merkins down a very long rail three times.

Extended painful protractor (Don’t you dare drop those feet)



Prayers for Peanut who showed a lot of inner strength to share a personal struggle he is walking through especially as a FNG.
Continued prayers for our recovering brothers in Nekot and Woody

– This was a brutal grind. Hot Dog Hill is a steep, nasty climb especially on the side we went up it. You likely climbed it 17 or 18 times with 5 bombjacks at the top (85-90 Bombjacks). Add those to the 1,050 reps at the bottom or 1,300 reps if you are counting Hairband style. Add the sun and high humidity levels and it was just a tough one to grind through.
– But we all made it through. Okay, Green Thumb threatened, and it seemed like a legit threat the way he looked, to puke at one point but whatevs, we all made it through
– Great work by our FNG – Peanut. So named as he works for Habitat for Humanity and is from Georgia (Jimmy Carter + Georgia made it too difficult for HH to resist). Appreciate your sharing with us during and keep posting. Just a great group of guys out there.
– It was great to have Green Thumb back out. Not only did he post but he partnered with me meaning he had to probably listen to more #mumblechatter than anyone else. That’ll help build endurance….or something like that.
– Also nice to see The Late Show posting again while EHing Peanut. TLS is who EH’d me into F3 and is a guy I look up to.
– Even Bernanke showed up. Sorta. Once he found the place. Apparently his M handles the directions. But he made it and seemed to really enjoy the grind with a well-aimed ‘I hate you’ thrown at YHC once or twice.
– Hoffa…….#soangry
– Double E even seemed to get worked over with this one. #lifegoals
– HH didn’t break his arm. That’s an improvement from the last time he posted at Monroe. I did appreciate the text later Saturday that you couldn’t feel your legs. #missionaccomplished
– The 2.0s gave up on the grind early in this one.
– Really enjoyed the best coffeeteria in UC at Jud’s afterwards. Lots of food for $5. Lots.
– Thanks for letting me lead. Appreciate the crowd at one of the most unique AOs in UC.

Glass Joe

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