Sandbags,KB’s and a set of Balls!

Sandbags,KB’s and a set of Balls!

The Day started off early as I picked Foundation up and headed to Sun Valley to set up the pain stations which were to unfold into the days work out.  It clearly was going to be a sweaty workout at the mere warm up run had us both drenched before we even began.  We gave a shot at EH’ing  a runner to no avail but he said that he would come back the following week,  be interested in seeing if that happens.
WU: Circle around Bulwinkle’s Car (#531) and a short mosey around the side lot. Head back to circle up, quick disclaimer, and being.  30 SSH, 15 Merkins, 12 Cherry pickers, something else, then I think 12 Marraco things (can never remember the name of them).  Mosey around the side lot one last time so we can break into groups.
The Thang:  First was hill work with sandbags.  3 teams of 3 for 3 links of 3 each.  Merkins at the bottom, Air squats at the top. Finished up and first team led some mary.  Indian run to the gate with the sandbags.  Then each person does 15 burpees, one set of 5 had to be with the sandbag.  Mosey over to the field.
After some technical difficulty the crew had music for the field of work that laid ahead of them.  The team that finished first on the hill work, Madison, Shepard and Foundation (I believe) got stuck with the 40 lbs smash ball and the 45 LB KB.  The game plan was simple.  3 links there and back and there again carrying the sand bag while one side swings the KB and the other does over head smash balls.  Sounds simple but it was work.  Rotate 3 times switching up the exercising to a smash ball toss, with swings and merkins, and finished with forward lunges and weighted hamstring stretch.  Running out of time quick mosey back to the start with a short plank and a little bit of mary to call it a day.
Moleskin: Humid workout!! We were all soaked like kids in a water balloon fight, it was a good start to the day.  I have say that I was a bit saddened that I did not get to hang out afterwards and get to know some of the guys better.  I’ve worked out with a few of the crew at our convergence but have not really had the chance to talk.  That being said, this crew works hard.  I was really surprised to hear a respect for Shepherd,  he killed the workout and he looks younger than me.  Bulwinkle is all heart and I was impressed as he pushed himself.  Swiss Miss didn’t waiver either and gave it 110%.  I didn’t see any standing around by anybody else so my guess is eHarmony and Arsenal and Lumberjack will sleep well tonight.  Madison, Foundation and Shepherd  as I said got stuck with the 40 pounder and so I’m sure there shoulders will feel it tomorrow. Great work by all, appreciating you letting me led.
3rd F- Sanctuary Monday Nights Wesley Chapel Brooklyn Pizza
Sussan G Komen Race – See link to PREBLAST-
2nd F UC at Hickory Tavern 3rd Thursday of the month.

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3 years ago

Not trying to take anything away from Shepherd, but Foundation’s and my third partner was Arsenal. They look a lot alike, and with the sweat that was pouring into my eyes, I could barely make out who was who as well.

Great Q today. Thanks for making the trek across the county.

Swiss Miss
3 years ago

Loved the variety, Transporter! And the bonus of tunes while we sweated. Will definitely be back for your next Outland Q.

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