6 Pax (Glass Joe, Shepard, Kieffer, Horse Head, Orbitz, and Shake ‘N’ Bake) came out to attend a (Site Q-less, poke poke)Maderate workout at Conviction for some good ole fashion fun.

  • We started with a brisk mosey in the parking lot, two times.
  • Began warm up with 25 Varied speed SSH, 15 Imperial walkers, and 20 windmills.
  • After another short run, and surprise Shake ‘N’ Bake burpees we started a four station workout. Station 1: 4X4’s 10 reps, Station 2: Body Builders 10 reps, Station 3: Chuck Norris Merkins 15 reps, Station 4: Broad Jump Burpees, with returning to the center after each station to do 20 LBC’s.
  • We then headed to the picnic tables for two rounds of a partner relay. The partners did a Hail Mary, Person 1 runs to end of the lot to do 10 Merkins and then returns. Person 2 does Smurfjacks while waiting for person 1 to return. Flip-flop and repeat.
  • After a quick mosey, we did clockwork merkins on a hill relearning time and the word maderate. 10 merkins at each time that was called out. (3, 9, 11, 2 o’clock)
  • After a well deserved 10 count the PAX went on a Snake Run doing three laps in all on our way to Mary.
  • Mary consisted of 40 LBC’s, 20ish flutter kicks, and a well placed joke to bring it to an end.

Thanks for a great work out guys.

Shake ‘N’ Bake (Now do 5 Burpees!)