A Lovely Stroll Through the Neighborhood

  • When:07/14/2017
  • QIC: Goonie
  • The PAX: Early Bird, Nomad (R), Lois, Gullah, Huggie Bear, Slice, Houdini, Prohibition, Thurston, High Tide, Sensei, Mouth, Goonie

A Lovely Stroll Through the Neighborhood

13 goats showed up at the weekly “moderate” running workout.  Some saw the Twitter warning of “BRR Training.”  Some didn’t. Some came because they traveled all week and needed some miles.  Others knew the plan ahead of time and fartsacked (cough, Retread, cough).

Either way, everyone got their money’s worth.  Some took YHC off their Christmas Card list after this one.  Here’s why:

The Thang:

Warm up down Woodfox, left on Rounding Run to Raintree.  Left on Raintree, Left on 51 back to launch.  Dynamic stretching in the parking lot (trying to stay out of the road), and then on to the main event.

Mosey down Woodfox to the bottom.  Woodfox repeats.  When the leaders hit the stop sign at Strawberry, turn around and collect the six for a recovery back down.  We got 5 rounds in.  Head back to launch for some stretching.


Those pax training for the BRR got some good training in.  Those that aren’t just plain hated YHC after this one.  It wasn’t moderate.  Plain and simple – Woodfox is a bear.  It’s about .3 miles of uphill suck.  Check the Strava records – it puts the Murderhorn to shame.  The only other hill that I’ll put against it (limited knowledge, admittedly) is Ben Nevis over at Ballantyne.

Everyone pushed hard today.  Early Bird took off strong out of the gate.  Pro was consistently in first or second.  Slice and YHC were also up there.  Thurston sandbagged the first three rounds because he was pushing Pro and EB on the last two.  Great work!

For those running BRR – hope this helped.  I’ve heard we can’t really replicate those hills, but hopefully you all got a little stronger.  For those not running BRR – what are you waiting for?


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