• When:07/18/2017
  • QIC: Retread
  • The PAX: Pop Tart, Swiper, Phelps, Ductwork, Fault Line, Utah, Mr. Brady, About Time, Rachel, Shoe (R), Lorax, Prohibition, Margo, Hops, Purple Haze, LaRonda, Gummy, Ickey Shuffle, Hopper, Runstopper, Ironsides, Enron, Alf, Soul Glow, Retread


25 strong for another hot and humid edition of Fast Twitch: BRR Training Season. YHC arrived at 0505, and was greeted shortly thereafter by Rachel, who just turned 40 (but runs like he’s 20) bearing the Fast Twitch shovel flag. Swiper regaled us with tales of Chester’s questionable attire and later chastised Fault Line for his musical selection. You just knew it was going to be a good morning at Fast Twitch.

The Thang

After delivering a Hops-approved disclaimer (yes, I do care about your personal safety), we were off to the cozy confines of Raintree. Mosey up Woodfox, take a left on Rounding Run and regroup at Rising Meadow for instructions.

  1. Run to the intersection of Windbluff and Raintree. Stop there for 10 merkins and 20 American hammers.
  2. Continue up Windbluff, stopping at Providence for 10 merkins and 20 American hammers.
  3. Run up Providence, stopping at Raintree for you guessed it, 10 merkins and 20 American hammers.
  4. Hang a right on Raintree and take it down to Rounding Run, stopping there for 10 merkins and 20 American hammers.
  5. Head back to SCMS and join the Run for Your Lifers on the track for a few laps.
  6. Flag down F3 Pax (thanks for the help Haze) and head to the bleachers between the baseball fields.
  7. Perform 30 dips, run up the stairs to Semi’s home away from home, run back to bleachers.
  8. Repeat #7 twice more.
  9. Swiper led Mary which included Freddie Mercury and over/under.

Naked Moleskin

As you probably deduced from the title of this back blast, today’s workout had a few decidedly non-Fast Twitch elements. That wasn’t by design, but rather a case of Qdrenaline resulting in temporary short-term memory loss. YHC was about halfway up the Providence Hill Suck Strava segment when I realized I had forgotten the first item on the Weinke. Yeah, we were supposed to run a triple nickel on Rising Meadow. Maybe next time. If you’re a glass half-full kind of guy, then you’ll appreciate the fact that without this miscue, you wouldn’t have been able to spend as much time with the RFYLers or experience a bit of Death Valley. Not much to report in the way of mumblechatter as YHC was leading from the Six this morning. I’m sure all you faster guys have some hilarious stories to share in the comments.

Announcements – The new website,f3southcharlotte.com, is live. Post all BBs here going forward. Reminder: select A51 Region when tagging your workout. Area 51 is a Saturday workout.

Thanks to LaRonda for taking us out and thanks to Rachel and Purple Haze for the opportunity to Q the finest Running/Bootcamp workout in South Charlotte.



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GummyPosted on4:31 pm - Jul 18, 2017

– According to that weinke, it turns out those of us who did not run the Rounding Run loop were right. Suckers.
– I always like caddie day at the SCMS track. We stormed the track at about 6:00 and I was immediately yelled at for stopping on the track. Apparently I was in a lady’s way who was using lane 7 for a cool-down.
– Margo put away his amazing technicolor dreamcoat and donned a more modest blinky light, which was nice.
– We had some fun with Runstopper after we learned the name he went by in high school.
– Demand is high (at least among the slower FT guys) for a Coming to America sequel. I don’t think Eddie and Arsenio are very busy right now.

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