The Triple Lindy

  • When:07/17/17
  • QIC: Alf
  • The PAX: Prohibition, Ann & Hope, Orlando, Fault Line, The Mouth, Rachel, Lee, Black Jack, Thin Slice, Hollins, Ewok, Federalist, Duct Work, Swiper (kind of), & Alf

The Triple Lindy

15 or so men showed up in the pitch black parking deck at Horsey.  Some had read the pre-blast and showed up anyway.  Some didn’t.  It didn’t really matter as instructions were quickly re-hashed in the 20 seconds before the clock struck 5:15 and it was on.  1,100 feet of climb this AM!  And that was a bit less than Rachel and Lee would have hit.  Not sure how many other weekly F3 workouts can claim that kind of elevation gain in an hour.

The Thang:

The Triple Lindy Challenge:

  • Mosey from lot down Old Bell at the warm up pace of your choosing.
  • Run three laps up the Blue Ridge hill.  After 3rd climb bang a right Mountain View, then a right on Old Bell and up to the Yucca.
  • Turn around at Yucca, left on Mountain View and down to the base of the hill in the dark corner of Mountain view.  Back up to Yucca and repeat again.
  • After the 3rd time at the Yucca head out and bang a right on Mountain View (turns to Wilby).  Stay right on Wilby all the way down to Sardis.
  • Run up Wilby to the intersection and back down to Sardis 3x.
  •  After 3rd ascent stay Right on Mountain View until you hit Blue Ridge.
  • Round 1 complete.
  • Complete the challenge by running back down to the base of Blue Ridge and starting over with 3 climbs on each hill for Round 2.


I pulled in 6 minutes early only to see a figure running down Old Bell.  Apparently Swiper needed an early start to get an early finish to do something else early that was not likely that important.  Or maybe it was.  The point is, I never talked to him so who knows.  I did see him on Round 1 coming up the Wilby hill for his 3rd run up and that was it.  How much he did or didn’t do is on his own conscious, maybe he left to hang out with Chester.

Bad news for Lee was he was out in front all morning.  From the gun he was gone.  So any toxic clouds Swiper left behind him were going to hit Lee smack in the face.  He powered through and still crushed the course.

We were spread out from there, so the details of everyone gets a little hazy.  A few items of note.

Orlando pulled the wily veteran move at the bottom of Blue Ridge Dr,  Stretching out his calves to take a break from running up and down this nonsense.

Thin Slice had a jersey on this morning with Pony written across the back.  A few weeks back he Q’ed with a Horse jersey on.  At the time it seemed kinda cool that he had that Horse jersey.  Now combined with the Pony it’s a little bit weird.  But hey – whatever you’re into.

Black Jack (recommended by PAX this AM to rename to Slim Jack) along with Hollins and Ann & Hope (recommend by me to change to pretty much anything but a sunken ship or defunct New England department store) were running well all morning and would have completed Round 2 with a few extra minutes added to the clock.

Fault Line and Duct Work seemed to partner up behind The Mouth and his High Viz Vest or they were drafting from him.  Either way, no one got hit by a car so the High Viz worked.

Here’s where it get’s a little weird.  Prohibition claims to have seen a friend of Chester (but not Chester) out and wearing nothing but a jock strap.  Not sure if anyone can corroborate this story or if it was just in Pro’s dreams.  He did smile a little smile when he said it, which made me uncomfortable.

This backblast is not going to win the annual backblast challenge at Horsey.  I’d give it a C+ or B-.  But if anything you got what you came for at Horsey this AM.  Hills.  And lots of Hills.  Plus this Backblast is published on the same day, so I should get some credit for that.

Thanks for joining me this morning and thanks to Duct Work for the takeout.



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ProhibitionPosted on8:20 pm - Jul 17, 2017

Hold up. What I said and saw was Chester in all his glory with his usual jock strap only uniform standing under the flood light. The weird part was he wasn’t alone. There was another figure standing near him in the shadows. From my quick glance and incredible spy-like skills at gathering details from watching every season of The Americas, I’d say the figure was another man. So I don’t know what goes on in that house, or if we may have solved the case of the missing Swiper, but apparently on that property it is accepted by more than just Chester that it’s ok to stand outside under a spotlight in only a jock strap at 0530.

The other weird part of the morning was the man sitting in his car staring at his phone while parked on Mountainview on the way up to the yucca. It wasn’t until round two that he actually got out of his car, but then seemed to disappear. I think he was Chester’s lookout letting him know we were out there and to tighten up the muzzle on Swiper.

Outside of all that, it was a solid beatdown by the Horsey. That was rough.

The MouthPosted on12:42 am - Jul 19, 2017

This is week two that the other lookout was posted. Since I bagged on the creepy trail run last week when my headlamp died… I was wondering what the phone guy was doing sitting by himself on the phone for 30 minutes at a time… my guess was warm-up with Chester over FaceTime… but I didn’t stop to ask. Someone should hold Fast Twitch there in an upcoming week and determine if the hills are as creepy on another day of the week. Chesters jock strap might have been more High Viz than my vest, or it might just be the placement of his spot light… Pro, your thoughts?

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