The Triple Lindy – Horsey Style

The Triple Lindy – Horsey Style

After a few weeks of shenanigans at Horsey, its time to get back to some meat and ‘taters style running up and down hills.  There will be no sandbags.  There will be no dark haunted trails.  A headlamp may be recommended, but not required.  There will be hills and the Triple Lindy Challenge.

The Triple Lindy Challenge:

  • Mosey from lot down Old Bell at the warm up pace of your choosing.
  • Run three laps up the Blue Ridge hill.  After 3rd climb bang a right Mountain View, then a right on Old Bell and up to the Yucca.
  • Turn around at Yucca, left on Mountain View and down to the base of the hill in the dark corner of Mountain view.  Back up to Yucca and repeat again.
  • After the 3rd time at the Yucca head out and bang a right on Mountain View (turns to Wilby).  Stay right on Wilby all the way down to Sardis.
  • Run up Wilby to the intersection and back down to Sardis 3x.
  •  After 3rd ascent stay Right on Mountain View until you hit Blue Ridge.
  • Round 1 complete.
  • Complete the challenge by running back down to the base of Blue Ridge and starting over with 3 climbs on each hill for Round 2.

According to the Google this will suck balls.  Google also says 2 rounds including the run in/out to parking lot would get you somewhere around 7.25 miles and 18 nasty little climbs, plus a few extra climbs around the mountain view loop.

It will be You vs. You vs. that guy just ahead who you should be trying to track down and pass (as long as that guy isn’t Chester, then I suggest hanging far back. But, whatever you’re into.)

Modify if needed, but be at the flagpole for the Pledge of Allegiance at 6:10 AM.  Don’t be early and don’t be late.

Any FNG’s tomorrow might get named Rodney.



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ShoePosted on12:30 am - Jul 17, 2017

When is this and where do we meet?

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