PTWGD – Post Traumatic Wet Grass Disorder

  • When:07/11/2017
  • QIC: Foundation
  • The PAX: Maple Syrup, Posse, Frack, Transporter, Yeast, Delta, Moneyball, Shop Dog (R), Legal Zoom, Foundation

PTWGD – Post Traumatic Wet Grass Disorder

A 10 Pax came out to Watchtower this morning.  As part of a pre-workout reconnaissance to ensure we have access to stadium, we find that the gates are locked and the only way to stadium is via cross country trail and across the field.  Begin to feel slightly concerned due to assurance to Moneyball that we would stay on the concrete, but we all have to improvise.

5:25: Pax continuing to arrive and stretch, Transporter somehow found a way to pack a fully johnny on the spot within his pocket as he is no amateur when it comes to the bathroom game.

5:28 Like clockwork Moneyball pulls in and is ready to go.  YHC was truly hoping he would have fartsacked….posted in Meck this morning.

5:30 We begin to Mosey and prior to stepping off the asphalt the full disclaimer is given.  We get towards the cross country trail entrance and Posse is ready with his 10,000 lumens flashlight

5:32 Shop Dog arrives and Transporter holds back to wait or found a nice spot to pop a squat until Shop Dog is able to catch up.


Version 1 of mosey to stadium:

Nice 2nd F pace through the tranquil wooded trail across a fresh grassy knoll that has a slight morning dew.

Version 2 of mosey to stadium:

Run through the Vietcong  in the pitch black with cooper heads ready to attack your ankles at any moment, endless mounds that are ankle breakers, roots everywhere like trip wire. And then once out of the jungle come up to grass that has not been mowed in weeks.  Field completely flooded must have had the sprinklers on all night, requires buckets to remove the water from my shoes. Shoes that are soaked through that feet have now begun to blister, uneven cuts of grass that are ready to bring a grown man to his knees.

Once at the stadium entrance do a little work on the blocking sleds waiting for the six

Enter the Stadium and partner up and find a section of stairs in bleachers.  Each set consisted of 2 rounds of P1 going up the stairs and P2 doing called exercise at bottom and then flapjacking.


  • Run up steps/Dips
  • High Knees/Derkins
  • Bunny Hops/Incline Merkins
  • Single leg hops/Knees to Chest
  • Shuffle Up/Squats
  • Bear Crawl/American Hammers
  • Wheel Barrow Up

Next go to under stadium and use the agility ladders.  Go through first ladders doing foot work drills and second set of ladders mirroring same drills in bear crawl with hands then go up ramp around bottom deck of bleachers and back down.


  • Straight Through
  • Front Back
  • Outside Inside
  • Side to Side
  • Backwards
  • Front Back / Add in Merkin on 2nd ladder

Exit stadium and do some leg swings with partner waiting on 6

Finish with mosey back to start.  (Insert version from above)


  • Watchtower will move start to front of High School starting next week.  Frack/Posse to send update again and try to update pin on website
  • Susan B Komen Race on Oct 7th will include Speed for Need racing chariots and opportunity to push ladies who are currently undergoing treatment and unable to run.  Will be racing as part of Heather’s Heroes.  More info to follow soon.
  • Prayers for Posse’s and his M as she is having surgery today

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