Outland BB – Commissioning – The Count – Arkansas

  • When:07/08/2017
  • QIC: Kilowatt
  • The PAX: Bullwinkle, The Count, Lumberjack (Respect), Hair Band, Arsenal, Glass Joe, Shepard (Respect), eHarmony, Bernanke (Respect) Double E, Stacks, Shoeless Joe Jackson, Delmar (FNG)

Outland BB – Commissioning – The Count – Arkansas

Commissioning – The Count – Arkansas

14 gathered to wish The Count well as he and family venture back to Arkansas to assist other family.  We will greatly miss The Count, but know we will have an AO in Arkansas once he gets it established.   Bullwinkle chose to start his Birthday (34) out the right way by celebrating with brothers at a workout.


The Thang:




Warm-up run around the parking lot


Stretches – Calf, thigh, mosey to the bus lot with butt kickers, high knees

COP with instruction on correct exercise technique

15 SSH

15 IW

15? Hillbilly (I lost count, or actually never really found it)

15 Squats (no knees past the toes, butts go back and down)

10 Merkins (back straight)

10 CDD (back bowed up, don’t hit your head)

Stretch – Center, right, left, crossover left, crossover right

Brick pommel horse – 3 laps

20 Step-ups-each leg

10 Derkins

15 Dips

Mosey to the triangle track and karaoke around one lap, 1st half going left, 2nd half going right

Mosey to the LS parking lot


20 Squats in the middle, 25 Merkins, 20-4count Flutter, 25 LBCs, 20 CDDs

Pinball to the practice football field

QB for the day with 5 Burpees when someone drops the ball. (pretty sure Hair Band threw an un-catchable pass on purpose)

Mosey to the Soccer practice field for the Service Project

Pick up trash – prize for largest amount collected

Mosey to the hill below the oval track

25 LBCs, walk backwards up the hill, run a lap.  (Oops, time running short so axed the next two rounds)

Mosey to the basketball court

Lay-up, right side shot, left side shot, free throw, pick up trash and deposit in the proper container on the way back to the MS lot.

15 Dolly

15 American Twist

10 Jump Squats



Really glad the group can count better the Q can. Karaoke proves who is coordinated and who is not.  Team looked a little sluggish on the football field, but the practice season is early.  There probably was one, but I did not see a single shot go through either of the 4 baskets.  Guess we could try soccer next time.  Stacks and Shoeless Joe Johnson earned $5 prizes for teaching the dads how to pick-up trash!  Thanks to Glass Joe for heartfelt prayer of blessing for The Count.  We are going to miss him, and his bandana.


If we are lucky, we may see The Count at Thrive Tuesday.  Thanks to Bernanke for bringing out Delmar! Mudgear is accepting a redo on UC shirts.  See details on F3UC FB page.  7/15 is the last day of BBs on the F3site.  See new instructions on the FB page.  The Count asks for prayer for the Bruckner family after July 1st car wreck.  7 year old Riley still in the hospital and loss of her 7 year old cousin Lilia. Grandfather and 1 year old cousin are ok, considering.

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