• When:06/28/17
  • QIC: Rockwell
  • The PAX: Posse, Wipeout, Johnny Utah (R), Delta, The Grease Monkey, Bottle Cap, Bratwurst, Soft Pretzel, Segue, Epsilon, Aztec, Spud, Abacus (R), Nutter Butter, Maple Syrup, Xerox (R), Old MacDonald (R), Dirty Bird, Dasher, Hollywood, Striker, Duck Dad, Shop Dawg (R), Goodfella, Moneyball, Rockwell


26 PAX at the Wednesday Hump Day Bootcamp in Waxhaw, NC at Marvin Ridge MS/HS campus known as Dromedary were Thunderstruck! by Rockwell and his Daily Red [Beats] Pill [of music].

– Posted on behalf of Rockwell


  • Side Straddle Hop x 25 IC
  • Imperial Walker x 20 IC
  • Potato Pickers x 10 IC
  • Mountain Climber x 20 IC – hold it!
  • Plank Jack x 20 IC


  • Partner up – Get a lifting rock
    • Curls – Partner 1 Curl / Partner 2 to the top of the lot – 3 Burpees then flap jack – 100 combined
    • Tricep Press – Partner 1 Tricep Press / Partner 2 to the top of the lot – 3 Burpees then flap jack – 100 combined
    • Shoulder Press – Partner 1 Shoulder Press / Partner 2 to the top of the lot – 3 Burpees then flap jack – 100 combined
  • Return rocks and Mosey to the field
    • Partner 1 run across field 3 jump squats / Partner 2 Carolina Dry Docks then flap jack – 100 combined
  • Mosey to wall – 40 Air Press
    • Partner 1 over the wall – quick lap around the fence / Partner 2 Donkey Kicks – 100 combined
    • Grab some wall – 40 jabs in cadence
  • Mosey to the picnic tables 20 SSH waiting for the six
  • Back to main parking lot
    • Box Cutter x 20
    • Pistol LBC x 20
  • Finish with THUNDERSTRUCK – Plank for the whole song Thunderstruck,,, Merkins every time you hear the word Thunder.



I hinted via GroupMe the day before that the 80’s playlist may make it’s return but that didn’t stop 26 fellow F3’ers from showing up and working hard.  We have consistently been averaging 20+ at Dromedary.  Awesome!  After a quick warmup lap and some basic exercises to get the blood pumping we went to work with some motivation from Van Halen,. It was all downhill from there.  The fellas of F3 continue to inspire me in more ways than you know.  During the workouts you hear conversations about work, family, church, encouragement, etc…  The conversations tend to change to out of breath, heavy breathing as the minutes tick by!  But, as we all know this group is much more than just a bunch of guys trying to get in shape.  I always enjoy the camaraderie and working out with such a great group!


Great job to everyone for pushing through during “Thunderstruck” at the end of the workout.  I thought that song would NEVER end!  Geez, brutal!


Thank you Shop Dawg for taking us out with the prayer!



  • Watchtower – July 4th.  1776 workout.  Wear blue or red. 6:30 am.  1 hour workout.
  • Blackhawk had a good turn out for the first workout this past Saturday.  Saturday mornings 6:30-7:30.  Walnut Creek Park.

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