Fast Twitch BB

  • When:6/27/2017
  • QIC: Swiper
  • The PAX: Utah, Gummy, Mr. Brady, Duct Work, Margot, Hannibal, Joker, Turkey Leg, Tagalong, Rachel, Fault Line, Hops, Dr. Schnooze, One Eye, Van Pelt, Purple Haze, LaRonda, Retread, High Tide, Strawberry, Alf, Hopper, Mermaid, Swiper

Fast Twitch BB

After a night of excessive tweeting and “uncomfortable chatter” from Alf, 24 PAX showed up for another session of Fast Twitch. After a 3:30 wake up call (#dadlife), I decided to surprise the PAX 10 minutes early. Van Pelt arrived at 4:15 and was catching up on his #TweetBox and re-runs of Golden Girls on Netflix. When I got out of the car, I heard Purple Gaze asking if I’d show up on time. [Editorial Note: Empirical researchers, aka Purple Haze, predicted my BB execution at a whopping .33% probability rate…]

El Thang:

Run to first pseudo major intersection for merkins, interrupted by multiple vehicles. Millennial impatience overtook Rachel and we left.

Run toward Arboretum in Raintree with lunge walks somewhere in there. Attempted dips on wooden fencing (ill advised), so we left. Attempted dips on steel structure (advised) X 30.

Run to the nasty hill north of Raintree CC with nastiness on either side for an A51 Matterhorn.

Main Entree: 5 burpees on one side of the mtn., run to the summit for 5 burpees, run to the other side for 5 burpees, run all the way back for 20 over/unders (4 count), repeat X4. [Editorial Note: Gummy noted 3-4 ghost vehicles with “car up” before slowing down personally. Hops and Hannibal didn’t buy it.]

Mosey back to said steel structure for dips X 20, derkins X 12.

Mosey to bottom of some street in Raintree for Mosey: insert exercises.

Mosey back to AO.

Naked Moleskin:

When did S. Charlotte Middle become a Run 4 Yo Life signup center? There were more .036 oz. belly canisters and gel pouches than I could shake a stick at when we got back to COT.

More happened on Twitter before, (possibly) during, and after this workout.

Gummy called out more actual, real vehicles than fake vehicles even with 3-4 assists.

Hairball was an active participant on the Tweetbox but nowhere to be found. Sightings of his Miami Dolphin tattoo (signed by Dan Marino), shirtless were reported in NoDa this morning.

Rachel was his normal, polite self. After lap 2, he finished reading me Chapter 2 of his favorite fiction novel and took off.

Hops was Mr. Brady-wet when he arrive at COT. It was gross.

Mr. Brady was Mr. Brady-wet. Gross.

Semi Gloss wasn’t there. #sigh#

One Eye tried to rekindle SOFAWIB on yet another Tuesday morning, to no avail.

Strawberry wore his customary Fast Twitch F3 camo-red sweatervest which is an effective wardrobe choice during reenactments of Red Tornado. In all seriousness, I have sweater-envy.

I expected a lot more out of Alf today. Minor, uncomfortable chatter for the first 50 feet and then he went silent. I hope things are okay.

Joker’s legit dudes. Crushed it per usual. He’s 45 and beats me on the Matterhorn. His claim is that he’s in better shape at 45 than his 31 year old self. Amazing. He talked a lot…I listened.

Hops crushed the takeout per usual. Solid send out.

Thanks for the chance to bring the heat this morning. Customer satisfaction surveys are in and we have an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars. Only Mermaid dinged me for not providing a state-compliant disclaimer before leaving. Next time…

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JokerPosted on7:59 am - Jun 28, 2017

That wooden fence almost went down! So much for being good citizens.

Swiper, in full disclosure I did merkins instead of burpees on Matterhorn. 45 yr old joker is also more crafty than 31 year old joker.

Good work out there

GummyPosted on9:28 am - Jun 28, 2017

I knew we were in for a treat when Swiper led us out of the empty parking lot to lay down in the middle of a busy intersection for warmup Mary.

Other observations:
– Good to see Hops at his first running workout since 2014. He’s wearing that Free Range shirt every chance he gets. #glorydays
– High Tide was the real wily veteran. He wouldn’t be bothered by your suggestions of non-running exercises and led the pack.
– Despite plenty of cheating myself (3 burpees each time, maybe half of the over/unders), I was still 4th out of 4 from BRR team Flatnin’ the Hills.

    HopsPosted on12:09 pm - Jun 28, 2017

    High Tide was at a running workout, the rest of us did some core & upper body work, too…albeit while dodging sedans. High Tide is Running or KBs…nothing else.
    I don’t do over/unders (#groinoidalpertublence), rather, flutter kicks. Swiper loves the over/unders.
    Tough to keep up with you runners…I think all the gross sweat as per Swiper slows me down….yet it doesn’t do the same for Mr. Brady #excuses
    Just trying to be a driver that Team Free Range can be proud of….I better get a t-shirt…indeed glory days gone by…

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