Burnt Forearms at Skunkworks

  • When:06/27/17
  • QIC: Stone Cold
  • The PAX: You know if you were there...

Burnt Forearms at Skunkworks

A solid 23 accepted the challenge of putting on the big boy pants and showed up for the toughest workout in the S. CLT area.  YHC is always trying to bring something a little different and new to the pax at Skunk.  So, if you google tough kettlebell workout, you get something like this:


The Thang:

Two handed swings x 20

Good mornings x 15

Low slow KB squat x 10


KB suit case carry x 40 steps (~30 sec)

20 swings 

Repeat as we mosey down our normal Farmer’s carry route

“Omaha” called as we were too slow and we had lots to do.


15 mins later we were at the bottom of the hill by the church doors


Teams of 4 spread out with KBs:

PT 1- (timer) AYG up to the top of the hill

PT 2- KB squats at top time 1 tags you to go to PT 3

PT 3- mid way back doing KB snatches til PT 2 tags you to go to PT 4

PT 4- at church doing 2 KB swings til PT 3 tags you then you run up the hill

Repeat for another 15 or so mins (maybe 4-5 rounds)


Mosey back to parking lot for Circuit work


Circuit work: 20 sec on; 10 sec rest x 3 sets for each exercise

KB Halo

Mt. Climbers

KB Swings

Squat Jacks


High Knees





Moleskin (Naked):

Comment for feedback:  good, bad, etc.  YHC wants to hear from you.

Good work by all on the Suit case carry with swings:  forearm burner, ouch!

Relays were a little hard to explain but I think they did the trick.  Solid work by each group.

Circuits:  YHC sometimes does this workout in my garage with a few more additions.  It’s a good one and maybe one you’ll see again.




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