Mother Day EMOMs

  • When:05/12/17
  • QIC: DollyWood
  • The PAX: Header, Yeti, Lightfoot, Focker, Caddy, Beaker, Seaworld, Lobster Roll, Ductwork, Smokey, Chin Music

Mother Day EMOMs

Yeah yeah – this workout happened three days ago, my bad.

Pretty simple format:

Knock some IWalkers and SSHops out of the way to loosen the legs… even threw a Hillbilly in for good measure.

The meat of the workout was, start the watch

200m at about 40 seconds.. then rest the remaining seconds in the minute. Repeat.

0-40 seconds running, 40-60 resting. Run again.

We did that 10 times.

Next, we went to Grandma Mountain and did the same thing:
Up the hill and back down (took about 25 seconds) but this time do 1 burpee before you plank to rest.
Each consecutive trip you add a burpee. 2nd trip 2 burpees then rest etc. We did 45 of those.

Last, we finished with some circuit work:
3 groups, dips pullups stair climbs, working 45 seconds/ 15 second transition.

And Time.


In general, I think Joust is pretty loaded with talent.

– Yeti is pretty much the king of Charlotte Christian. Don’t believe me? They had to take him off carpool line duty because of the mayhem his dashing good looks cause in the parking lot… 1 too many fender benders.

– Smokey just finished his Masters in Divinity and he did it taking night classes. For real like 3am-430am night classes. What have you done lately?

– Lightfoot is a Skywalker protege, with less talking and more action but 100% as lovable. (Love ya SW, that’s for skipping!)

– Chin Music is crushing a marathon training program and still managing to come out to Joust to see the PAX

– And Header is such an impressive delegator I haven’t seen him in weeks at Joust!

TBH, Header has created an amazing community at this site (which nobody is shocked by) and it really makes me never want to miss. The fellowship, the intentionality of older leaders pouring out and mentoring younger guys is worth the price of admission and then some. I hope Yeti doesn’t mess it up.

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