Hairburning Some Gear

  • When:5/5/2017
  • QIC: Glass Joe
  • The PAX: Bernanke, Bullwinkle, Espresso, Hairband, Hoffa, Hoodie, Jabberwocky, Lamont, Madison, MindCrime, Playoffs, Shake & Bake, Spielberg, Tonawanda, Woody, Glass Joe (QIC)

Hairburning Some Gear

There are still lingering anger issues that my last Overdrive Q involved shoes as gear and using the gear the SkyQ created known as earth. You know who you are Hairband. Of all things short, you don’t have a short memory. And the threat of perma-banning Overdrive Q privileges was verbally given earlier this week. You want gear, I’ll give you all the freaking gear your short little heart desires.

Quick mosey around the parking lot and then circle up for
SSH IC x20
IW IC x20
Windmills IC x10

Instructions given which are to pair up, go to one of the 7 stations around except for Espresso and YHC. We take the plates and we do hairburners to the first station. Those guys then take the plates and do hairburners to station #2. Espresso and I stay at Station #1 until the plates make their way back around the parking lot to us. So the only time you switch stations is when it’s your turn to do hairburners. If you make it through the exercises before the plates get back around, go back through them. I don’t think most guys did especially as we got further into this one. And hope you like your partner as you are stuck with them the entire time. Poor Espresso got stuck with me. #blessings

Here are the stations (In no particular order):
Station 1: KB Swings x50, Goblet Squats x30, Cleans x10 each arm, Burpees x10
Station 2: Snatches x20 each arm, Lawn Mowers x20 each arm, Flutter press w/KB x40, Burpees x10
Station 3: Clean & Press x15 each arm, Triceps Extensions x25, LBCs w/ KBs x30, Burpees x10
Station 4: 1 Hand Swings each arm x20, Curls x40, Skull Crushers x20, Burpees x10
Station 5: Squat/Curl/Press x25, Good Mornings x25, Plank KB Pull Throughs x30, Burpees x10
Station 6: Cleans x20 each arm, KB Press x35, Russian Twists w/KB x30, Burpees x10
Station 7: Supine Rows x20, Dips x25, Decline Merkins x25, Burpees x10

Dolly IC x41 (Just to hear additional groans at 40)
Backscratchers IC x20
10 Burpees OYO


COT: Thanks to HB for taking us out

– New AO beginning May 31st at Stallings Elementary at 5:30 AM. It’s a Moderate workout with name TBD. It’s really a great AO as well.
– New running workout on Thursdays at Cuthbertson.
– T-Shirts are opening back up. There will be some new colors beyond Blue/Black. But no #smurfblue. There will be a runners Hi-Viz (sp?) shirt with the UC logo but we need to get at least 12 orders for this specialty shirt. For the rest of the colors, just 12 orders between all of them. Look for the announcement on orders opening back up soon.

– I’ll be honest that I don’t have a lot of material mainly because I was with Espresso the whole time. He isn’t known for being a proficient #mumblechatterer so I tried to fill the awkward quiet with conversation. Pretty sure he tuned me out but what a true sacrifice.
– One part during the Station Hairburners is poor MindCrime got introduced to Hairburners for the first time today. Don’t let it get you down. Hairburners kick all of our tails even when you’ve been coming for a while. It’s basically a put your arse into it and push with all you got and then collapse when done. Not to mention these are EEs plates which he has sprayed with a special epoxy to make them harder to push.
– My voice, as normal, cracked today. Mockery was had. My revenge was the 10 Burpees OYO at the end. Mockery stopped. #satisfaction
– Kotters to Tonawanda and Hoodie

Let me know if I missed anything else. Thanks for letting me lead!

Glass Joe

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Hair BandPosted on11:41 am - May 5, 2017

Laugh it up there my tall lanky friend, me bustin’ your chops about real gear and your soccer arms pushed you to be better and do a great gear Q. #Tclaps

Oh and it’s amazing how your voice now sounds like Bellyflop… He has an excuse though. #Puberty

Glass JoePosted on11:50 am - May 5, 2017

Please pray for my M if I’m just hitting puberty. She’s in real trouble. #bigshoesalready

Stump HuggerPosted on10:35 pm - May 5, 2017

GJ, not sure your on slack channel “the haw” I know some of pax out here including myself would be interested in the UC shirts. Please let me know when those are available and I will communicate it.

Hair BandPosted on10:45 pm - May 5, 2017

Stumpy, I just sent out a newsletter about shirts and most PAX should have gotten it. I thought I had you in the email list. I will forward it to you just in case.

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