All together now

  • When:05/02/17
  • QIC: Flwtch
  • The PAX: Horse head, arena, tulip, Lois, tweetsie, soprano, madd, yeti, blazing saddles, Dollywood, smokey, Harley, bulldog, caddie, Swiss miss, Baracus, Chanel, young love, spackler, bounce, stone cold, Fletch (q)

All together now

4 for the Prerun broke am early sweat and were greeted by 19 others ready to swing some iron. 23 in total enjoyed perfect conditions this morning for a little running and a lot of bells. After a disclaimer – here’s what we did.
Warmup in cop consisted of
10 diamond merkins on bell
10 diamond Merkins on bell
20 swing oyo
Merkins x20 ic
10 diamond merkins on bell
20 swings
30 overhead presses

Partner up like bells
Farmer carry catch me if you can the long way to lower hill lot
10 Jump squat chaser


P1 on bell/ P2 runs to end lot and back
Round 1 Single arm swings switch halfway
Round 2 cleans
Round 3 lawnmower rows
Round 4 single arm press
Round 5 snatches

Round 6 included All of the above in one consecutive set

Mosey To the hill
P1 runs hill 3x
P2 two handed swings
round 2
P1 runs hill 3x
P2 squats (goblet/teabag/goblet)

Fast mosey to lot for mary
Flutter w press x25
Hold it
Dolly w press x10
Freddie Mercury x20 ic

Namarama etc
Announcements: Saturday before Memorial Day convergence at location tbd (more details to follow)

What’s better than a little running mixed with strength training? Not much on a morning like today. Nice temps to break a nice sweat and get the blood flowing. Heard someone say that the farmer carry gets the heart rate up, definitely agree. That and it brings about grip failure and general fatigue. Strong work out there men. The main thing was a build up with the final round being a continuous effort to work on endurance – both running and muscular endurance. Got a few grimaces from the pax, but skunk pax always meets the challenge. Wrapped it up with a little leg work on the hill and 5 min of Mary to work on the gut/stomach/abs etc. I may have missed some goings on over in the top lot, but on our lane we had smokey and stone cold crushing the run. Hoover was making the big bell work look easy. Looked like Dollywood and bulldog were both getting after it as well. Enjoyed it fellas. Until next time…

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