Field Trippin’

  • When:4/27/17
  • QIC: Hopper
  • The PAX: Marge, Hannibal, Floor Slapper, Daisy, Wim, Queen, Good Hands, Chico, Jet Fuel, Puddin Pop, Hopper

Field Trippin’

Imagine how flattered I was when I pulled into the parking lot of OP  Elementary and saw two large buses and about 30 cars in the parking lot…..Wow!  Bus and car loads had come to Hydra to witness me Q….or they were there for a fifth grade field trip to Charleston…..easy misinterpretation!

The Thang:

Even though I was deflated, YHC provided a stellar disclaimer and we headed off toward the Harris Teeter at Rea/Colony where we warmed up with some SSH and IW’s.  We jogged a little further to the medical building just behind HT for:

Merkin Circle: Circle up close and each man gets down in a plank position.  At YHC’s command, the pax moves five paces to the left or right (imagine a spider man sideways crawl) then performs five of said merkin….it went like this:

  •  5 paces to the left, perform 5 regular merkins
  • 5 paces to the right, perform 5 WA merkins
  • 5 paces to the left, perform 5 HR merkins
  • 5 paces to the left, perform 5 regular merkins

Rinse and repeat

Partner Up: Partner #1 runs around the medical building while Partner #2 does said exercise until #1 returns: Flapjack.  Exercises included:

  • LBC’s
  • Rosalita
  • Squats
  • Flutter

Jog back to OP campus and head to the playground behind the school.  Keeping partners, Partner #1 runs to either the track or concession stand while Partner #2 does said exercise:

  • Pull-Ups
  • Dips
  • Jump squats
  • LBCs

Jog to cars for final two minutes worth of gassers (6 total).  Lots of scratches on the start line, but the work out was almost over so no penalties granted.

That’s a wrap!

Lots of hard work this morning!  The Hydra men are a fun crowd and today was no exception.  Some good laughs and support all at the same time.  We logged 3.2 miles and did a ton of core and upper body mumbo jumbo, so YHC is certain he will be sleeping well tonight.  Queen and Marge, thanks for the honor!


F2 Pizza Peel at 6:00 tonight

5K on 9/24 at McAlpine Park


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