Return to Davie Park?

  • When:04/26/17
  • QIC: Fletch
  • The PAX: deep dish, cottonmouth, lazyboy, sweeney todd, dollywood, turkey leg, fireman ed, spackler, pudding pop, header, chin music, jetfuel, shelton, benny, joker, retreat, fletch (QIC)

Return to Davie Park?

Just about perfect weather greated the 17 south charlotte pax that made the decision to post at Death Valley this morning. Joker emerged from the track after a prerun soaking wet from windsprints in the furry vest. Disclaimer was given at oh 5 thirty and off we went. Here’s what went down.
Two Quick Laps around lot w high knees side shuffle butt kickers to get loose

Run Down to Davie for Warm up (dodging the donut runners eager for that post run boston creme)
Grab the six if you arrive at the park early, or circle up and Plank to allow everyone to get in.

COP consisted of
Sshx25 IC
5 hand release burpee
Merkin x25 IC
5 hand release burpee
IWx25 IC
5 hand release burpee

Partner up

P1 Hot laps around the median
P2 10 pull up 20 dips
Flapjack X Five laps

Haul arse back to Davie, I mean SCMS (grab six)
LBC’s and Flutter to allow everyone to get back

Head to track for 4 corners (sprint the straightaways)
Lap 1 25 merkins at the corners
Lap 2 10 squats at corners

Head back to the lot for 3 minutes of mary –
Dolly x 25 IC
Cross LBC x15 each side


Announcements – None or out of breath.
Always enjoy leading at DeathValley, a great group of guys show up willing to put in a great midweek effort and the site has a ton of options. Today was no exception. Everyone put in the work and we managed to knock out over three miles and plenty of upper body work as advertised in the tweet. I’m particularly fond of mixing in Pullups whenever given the opportunity when I Q, so that was the reason for running to Davie this morning. There was some confusion during the return trip when I mistakenly told the pax to run back to Davie while planking in the Davie parking lot. Aside from that, I had a great time leading.
Strong efforts out there by many, Chin Music was flying back to SCMS, Spackler likes the short track racin’ banked turns around the median, Sweeney todd was smoking the sprints at the track – just to name a few. In the event I missed any interesting commentary, please chime in. Thank you Dollywood for allowing me the opportunity to lead.


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