Soggy Bottom Boys

  • When:04/24/17
  • QIC: BoutTime
  • The PAX: One-Eye, Rachel, Aquafresh, Grave Dancer, BoutTime (QIC)

Soggy Bottom Boys

I am a man of constant sorrow…this applies most every Monday morning, but especially a rainy Monday. Only one way to get back in the right frame of mind. Join 4 other waterproof men in the gloom for some solid work at DMZ.

The Thang:
Mosey to C@C breezeway for COP:
15 Mountain Climbers IC
10 Merkins IC

Audible due to downpour and perform entire workout (almost) in breezeway.
Begin with 10 burpees.

Run lap around church doing your best to avoid the deep water.
Back to breezeway for exercises. Round #1 is 30 squats followed by 30 CCDs.
Continue rounds 2-6, changing up exercises as follows:
#2 – 15 jumping lunges, 15 wall-tar n’diayes (thanks to Hops and Centurion for the loaner)
#3 – 10 burpees, wall-sit w/ 25 overhead presses IC
#4 – 10 burpees, wall-sit w/ 25 overhead presses IC
#5 – 20 wide-arm merkins, 50 LBCs
#6 – 15 diamonds, 30 bicycles
Mixing in mary and plank in between rounds.

Brave the elements out from under the breezeway for:
30 dips
30 step-ups, one each leg
Another lap around church.
10 burpees OYO
On the six for some Mary:
20 dolly IC
20 rosalita IC
15 heels to heaven IC
Line up in breezeway. Lunge walk down and bear crawl back. 20 squats OYO.
Another lap. #outofweinke
miscellaneous mary
10 burpees in breezeway

Back to launch.

Naked Moleskin:
Traveling for work and time is scarce, so this will be brief. Great work by all this morning. Always an honor to lead the PAX at DMZ. Such a solid AO with plenty of territory and options for variety. #wastedallofit It seems we have traded cold weather for rain, and I for one, am not a fan. We may not have stayed dry, but my only goal was to keep mud out of the title of this backblast. Shout out to One Eye for the opportunity. Enjoyed it men.


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