Hot Lap

  • When:04/21/17
  • QIC: Puddin Pop
  • The PAX: Squid, Harley, Cold Cuts, Thurston, Spackler, Fists of Fury, Bulldog, Orange Whip, Rhapsody, Alf, Fault Line, Cottontail, Fireman Ed, Swiss Miss, Bookie, Lex Luthor, Fletch, Puddin Pop (QIC)

Hot Lap

17 of South Charlotte’s finest decided to join the fun Friday workout that is Kevlar.  Had to pull out a few weeks ago on the Q due to bad lumbar, sciatica, groin…ahh, who knows .  So Fault Line subbed me out then, I think this was my turn to sub back in.

Noticed Spackler had his 2.0 out in Fists of Fury, well done lad!  A lot of usual suspects at Kevlar, and Swiss Miss made an appearance after he said had been possibly a year.

Went with the disclaimer of “All right guys, uh, this is a blues riff n B, watch me for the changes, and uh, try and keep up.”  Most of the guys got it immediately, good on ya.  Then gave the normal disclaimer about not doing anything stupid and injuring yourself, like doing burpees or something like that.

Proceed with the chlorophyll

Took the lap out to the street in Matthews, up to the old CVS lot at the corner of 51 and John St (I think) for COP.

IW x 20

CDD x20

LSS x 20

MC x 20

Told the Cruisers (guys that are into fast cars and fast women) to go ahead and proceed back to the rock ravine near the tennis court shelter and halt.

Partner up, grab one rock between the two of ya.

Mosey on down to the bottom of the hill by the stairs.  Partner 1 does called exercise while Partner 2 runs a hot lap up around the corner to the street, down the stairs back, flapjack

Rd 1 Curls

Rd 2 Overhead press

Rd 3 Tri extension

Rd 4 Squats

Repeato it all

Put your rocks in a place that won’t ruin some overachieving student’s tires at 5:50am before school.  Mosey down to the benches in front of Preschool?

Stay with Partners.  Partner 1 does called exercise at benches, Partner 2 runs up around median with rock.

Rd 1 Jump/Step ups

Rd 2 Dips

Rd 3 Incline merkins

Repeato x 2

Mosey back to rock garden, take rocks back to rock ravine.  AYG back to cars for Mary


Freddy Mercury



What time is it?  1.5 mins left

Backscratcher (thanks Bulldog)

LBC x 25


Story Time

Great to see Spackler’s 2.0 Fists of Fury out there this morning.  He’s faster than his pop, but has some work to do to keep up with his mouth.

Lex and I were lamenting about the fact that Rhapsody and Orange Whip need to be split up on partner work.  I think they lapped us twice on the rock work.  Fletch and Alf are still fast as heck too.

At one point Squid brought out an nice Ogilvy line from Bad News Bears which got us talking about whether or not the movie was “kid friendly”.  Umm, probably not, but I was a little flabbergasted when Bulldog said Goonies was just as bad.  No way mate!!  Both movies are American classics and need to be celebrated.

Fault Line and I were also talking about how bad the Giants have sucked so far this year.  Long year though bud, we’ll be ok.

Great crowd as usual out at Kevlar this morning, thanks to Whip and Fault Line for the opportunity to lead.

Harley, thanks for leading us in prayer brother.


Announcements:  Brolympics at Community House Elementary tomorrow morning from 6-8am.

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