F3 Union County Q School Spring 2017

  • When:04/29/2017
  • QIC: Glass Joe, Hair Band and others
  • The PAX: All F3Union County (And any other PAX that wants to join us.)

F3 Union County Q School Spring 2017

It is that time again… Q School time.

Union County AOs have exploded with growth and with that it is time to do some leadership training.

Some of the items that will be covered:

  • Mission of F3
  • Tips for planning your first workout
  • How to survey the pax before the workout
  • FNGs
  • Disclaimers, safety, etc . . .
  • Role of the Site Qs and how they can help you manage things
  • Cadence counting and why you should do it
  • Keeping the group together
  • Time management
  • COT, Name O Rama
  • Backblast tips – be observant during the workout so you will know who to make fun of later
  • We will start with a 30 minute beatdown/instruction and move into a conversation format.
    If you are brand new to F3 and are still trying to keep up or if you have been around and Q’ed for a while there are still benefits to posting here to learn more and add your own experiences to the conversations.

    Here is the document we will lead from, it contains a lot of wisdom and guidance:

    F3UnionCo Q101

    Time to HC, go get signed up now!

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