Only a FRACKtion of UC know of the potential of this AO called – Watchtower

  • When:03/30/2017
  • QIC: Foundation
  • The PAX: Posse, Hollywood, Frack, Foundation

Only a FRACKtion of UC know of the potential of this AO called – Watchtower

A 4 PAX showed up for the workout at Watchtower today.   Based on previous day scouting, tried to utilize some of the great site options to diversify the workout.


Decided to skip the SSH and circle up warmup – instead did

  • Short mosey to front of school
  • Lunges on the sidewalk paw prints
  • Two legged hops on next set of paw prints
  • Mosey to Hill by Baseball field

The Thang:

  • 7’s on the Hill w/ Squats & Merkins

Mosey to side of school

  • 12 Column Merkin Suicide
    •  Run to 12th column and back to start do 1 merkin,
    • Run to 11th column and back to start do 2 merkins
    • Continue down to 1 column and 12 merkins

Mosey to Loading Dock back of School

  • 2 Rounds of
    • 5 x Jump Ups onto Loading Dock
    • Derkins
    • Dips
    • Foot Fire

Mosey to Playground

  • 2 Rounds of
    • Walking Pushups across rock wall
    • Supines on playset steps
    • Step Ups on Bench
    • Run to Tree Across Playground and back (Timer)
  • 2 Rounds of
    • Calf Raises on balance beam
    • Jump Over High Hurdle
    • Knees to Chest on Dip Bar
    • Run to Tree Across Playground and back (Timer)

Mosey to Swingset

  • 3 Rounds of 5 Pull-Ups using towels
  • Finished with Mary in Parking Lot


Group stayed together and hopefully enjoyed my attempt to use some different obstacles today.

WatchTower an AO started by Frack/Turtle and now has the best hype man of Union County involved Posse has plenty of potential and different offerings available to break up the normal routine.  Looking for an AO that has access to bleachers, playground equipment, track, benches, hills, rocks, trails, etc.  then come out to WatchTower. This is a site that we need to get more UC guys to attend on a regular basis as it is still a hidden gem.  Based on mileage report from Hollywood WatchTower is 0.1 miles further then Dromedary for Lawson Crew, so we should have no excuses for fart sacking.

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