As spoken by the best Hype Man on Groupme- It was Burpee-licious. Concrete Flavored

  • When:03/16/2017
  • QIC: Foundation - Managed by Posse
  • The PAX: Posse, Frack, Legal Zoom, Shop Dog (R), Transporter, Recalculating, Foundation

As spoken by the best Hype Man on Groupme- It was Burpee-licious. Concrete Flavored

6 to start… no wait here comes Foundation’s Manager – the man infamously known as the Louisville Slugger or the  manager of The Midnight Express – Jim Cornette….no wait I meant Posse, we have 7  who came out for morning of fun at Watch Tower.


  • SSH
  • Imperial Walker
  • Windmill
  • Mt Climber
  • Merkins


Mosey to Visitor Bleachers at Football Field

4 Rounds of bleachers with exercise at each entry:

  • Rd 1: Low Slow Squats x 5
  • Rd 2: Low Slow Squats x 10
  • Rd 3: Merkins x 5
  • Rd 4: Merkins x 10

Body Bag Agility Drills

  • Rd 1: Shuffle Side to Side  & Body Bags – Plank
  • Rd 2: Shuffle Front Back & Body Bags 6” Plank
  • Rd 3: Bear Crawl & Body Bags Flutter
  • Rd 4: Hop Over & Body Bags 6” Plank

Suicides w/  10 Merkins each time back

Partner Up Burpee Countdown:

  • P1 Start with 10 Burpees P2 Squats –  Flap Jack (P2 10 Burpees/P1 Squats)
  • P1 9 Burpees / P2 Squats – Flap Jack (P2 9 Burpees/P1 Squats)
  • Countdown all the way to 1 Burpee

Dip/Step Up Countdown on Bleachers:

  • 10 Dips/10 Step Ups
  • 9 Dips/9 Step Ups
  • Countdown to 1 Dip/Step up

Mosey back to parking lot for COT

Closing Prayer – Transporter


Group of 7 came out to in the cold and did variety of exercises at Weddington Football Field which felt like Lambeau Field due to the cold. Transporter – FYI Lambeau Field is where the GB Packers play football.  Today the PAX figured out that Transporter did not voluntary move from Wisconsin but had been forced out of the state based on his hatred for cold and lack of football knowledge.   Once my new Hype Man Posse ala Jim Cornette arrived we knew it was time to get to work.  Believe we had a first on Form Policing by Recalculating as he called out Frack for his Squats which he compared to LBC’s of squatting.    Legal Zoom showing great strides and consistent improvement and of course Shop Dog not willing to give an inch and allow anyone to take his 2nd place money away.  Good work men.


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