Perfect Brick Form

Perfect Brick Form

A near record crowd of PAX at Watchtower on a cool morning.  Maybe everybody was showing up to see the much anticipated school yard brawl between Hollywood and Doc McStuffins about who has better merkin form.  Unfortunately, and not surprisingly, one of those guys can’t post two days in a row in Union County.


Turn on some Sweet Child O’ Mine and mosey to front of school

SSH x 30

Merkins x 15

Imperial Squakers x 10

Morrocan Nightclubs x 20


Mosey to Brick pile with a stop along the way for some PC with Air Presses x 20

Grab a pair of friends for the rest of the morning

Shoulder Presses x 20

Mosey to top of hill for Plank Brick pass: Bricks to left followed by Bricks to the right

Mosey to tennis courts hill and Partner up for Dora (P1 exercise, P2 runs hill)

1st:  Man-Maker Merkins x 100 / Run down hill with bricks, backwards up hill

2nd:  Brick curls x 200 / Run down hill with bricks, Bear Crawl with Bricks up hill

3rd:  Flutters holding bricks overhead / Run down hill with bricks, backwards up hill

Mosey to top of hill for Plank Brick pass: Bricks to left followed by Bricks to the right

Mosey back to tennis courts for some Brick Chest flies x 25 with protractor

Say goodbye to your Lil Friends and mosey back with a quick stop for BTW Shoulder Presses x 10

Stop at circle for 2 AYG laps


Some claimed that YHC was “angry” today so maybe that means it was a good beatdown.  Or maybe it was all the “Form Police” that have been out lately.  Or maybe it was because the Bricks wore out the grip strength and made YHC feel weak.  Either way, it is clear that YHC needs some work on demonstrating/explaining exercises a bit better.  The Man-Maker Merkins “might” have had a false demonstration count.  And the second go round with the Plank Brick pass went much smoother than the first   But YHC is blaming that one on Posse.  And YHC won’t bring up the simple “counting to 4” to partner up.  BAD FORM as usual for YHC.

Great to see Recalculating making the LONG drive to Weddington on a Thursday finally; he continues to make his way to the front of the pack.  After FartSacking yesterday, Shampoodle and Moneyball brought it today.  Shop Dawg has got serious strength . . . And still had energy to callout YHC on Flutter/Brick form (rightfully so).  Goodfella was crushing exercise reps today despite his grip strength tank being on “E”.  Posse’s endurance is evident by his fast mosey at the end with bricks.  Hollywood’s AYG is FAST . . . And that probably wasn’t all he’s actually got.

Thanks to Moneyball for taking us out (was that a cough or a laugh?)


Shop Dawg is taking the Q tomorrow at Impromptu (Cuth Middle at 5:30); bring out your 2.0s if out of school

FIA (Females In Action) launch:  Saturday at 7:30am at Cuthbertson Middle.  Support and encourage your M’s to attend

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