Get your Foxworth

  • When:03/09/17
  • QIC: Puddin Pop
  • The PAX: Queen, Marge, Jet Fuel, Hopper, Gummy, Arena, Katniss, Starfish, Flying J, Pop Tart, Deep Dish, Chico, Ironsides, La Z Boy

Get your Foxworth

Riding to OPE this morning, there was quite the chill in the air.  Needed something to get in the mood…Safety Dance?  Absolutely not.  New Pollution?  Nope.  Electric Feel?  Oh Yeaaaahhhh.  Feelin good, working out the weinke in entirety on my three minute drive.  Substi-Q today as Icicle asked for it last week, and did something unfortunate while running last weekend.  Get well brother.  Pulled into OPE lot with some guys standing around stretching.  Graceful dismount from my ride, look in the back seat, no gloves.  #FFS!  (ask Bulldog for translation).  Gummy immediately notices what he thinks is a new shirt for YHC.  Lulu Lemon?  he asks…nah dude, those three stripes mean adidas.  Long sleeves as it’s sub 45, but don’t need the pullover as it’s maybe plus 40.  Gummy was rocking the ear warming headband. #manly

Lots of Hydra regs out there, but good to be joined by two of F3WinstonSalem’s OGs in Starfish and Katniss.  Pop Tart brought out Flying J for his first Hydra experience too.

Chico strolled in from across the street just in time for the mean disclaimer.  Chico does specialize in Personal Injury Law, but any suit would not hold water with my disclaimer dammit. #cousinvinny

Off we went to the other side of OPE.  SSH x20, LSS x15.  Keep moving out of school, left on Rea, left on Windyrush, stop at Knightswood on right. IW (Gummy 10 count) x20.  Let everyone know we’d be running down Knightswood until you reach Foxworth on left.  Let the thoroughbreds loose if they so chose.  Hopper, Marge, and Gummy obliged, the rest of us had a nice stroll with chatter.

Take a left on Foxworth, stop at next stop sign.  Dust off your Powell Peraltas, Alvas, Rob Roskopps, Hasois, Veraflex, banana boards, etc and get in groups of 3 for half pipe grinders.  Partner 1 stays at current stop sign doing LBC, Partner 2 at far stop sign on other side of half pipe doing jump squats. Partner 3 is skating the half pipe as the timer.  We got through maybe three rounds?  I know after round 1 Hopper was already prepping me for possible #merlotspillage.  Pop Tart was asking me “what’s with all the running? where’s the weights?”  Nah brother, KBs and weights overall are like whiskey to me these days, don’t touch the stuff.

Grab everyone and continue down Foxworth back to Windyrush Rd.  About face, look back up our familiar side of Foxworth for some 7’s.  CDDs at the top, merkins at the bottom.  Checked porto potty for SG, he surprisingly wasn’t there.

Mosey through spooky trail up to OPE practice field, get back in teams of 3, grinders with sprints in the middle.




-F3Leap continues:  Starfish let us know growth in Columbus, OH, Louisville, and Indianapolis are scheduled.  Birmingham, Cincinnati, and a couple others are getting there.  Get the word out.

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GummyPosted on12:05 pm - Mar 9, 2017

MGMT is solid pregame music. If you’re only three minutes away, seems like you should run in. 2-3 years ago, more than half of the Hydra faithful would run in, at least from the HT.

Anyways, solid workout. I was a big fan of optional LBCs and Squats at the ends of the half pipe (i.e. lay on your back and talk to the guys, or stand there and talk to the guys). The rest gave me plenty of time to see Pop Tart’s bad merkin form.

Stop making fun of my headband ear warmer. It hurts my feelings. With my luscious head of hair, I need ventilation.

PoptartPosted on12:38 pm - Mar 9, 2017

Gummy, you know you love my form. I’m self taught. Puddin’, next time I will make sure I am mentally prepared for all the running. I enjoyed the beatdown.

StarfishPosted on12:42 pm - Mar 9, 2017

Was not expecting 3.09 today. #Cobains to @Katniss for the false advertising.

Great to be back with the Hydra pax this morning.

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