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When you go see a man about a dog…take your time

17 bros came to lift. 16 did just that. 1 had serious internal plumbing issues.




20 SSH

20 squats

20 merkins

20 swings OYO


The Thang:

partner up. P1 lifts P2 rests.

Dead lift 12,10,8,6,

Swings 12

Shoulder Press 12,10,8,6,

Swings 12

Squat 12,10,8,6,

Swings 12

Snatch 12,10,8,6,

Swings 12

Clean 12,10,8,6,

Swings 12

Lateral press 12,10,8,6,

Swings 12

Upright Row 3×10

Tricep Ext 3×10

Curls 3×10

maybe one more.

20 Merkins OYO

NMM – No Mary at Meathead



loved the turnout. Hope the workout was as worthy? This is an old school workout from Bill Philips, founder of EAS Nutrition and author of Body For Life. It’s a great workout for those sad clown moments at home or the gym. Bulldog and Run Stopper are short, good looking lovers, as they were in sync as partners throughout the workout. I saw HT looking to make it a threesome by challenging them to synchronization a few times across the circle of meat. If you were there, you should’ve partnered with Chanel as he absolutely crushed it, doing doubles the whole time. HT is probably very sore. Choose your partners wisely. Sorry if I missed those who also manned up and did doubles for 45 minutes. Header and Chin Music once again made their own little corner in our meat circle, but looked to be lifting. Soul Glo and Orange Whip partnered up and are now best friends. Blazing Saddles continues to crush it at Meathead with his wooly vest! Always good to see Freedom! Stone Cold and Baracus quietly crushed it and found a new exercise in lateral chest press. My sincerest apologies to my partner, Alf, who had to deal with YHC having sever internal plumbing issues. He did a ton of lifting and I did a ton of pacing with my hand on my stomach. I didn’t make it home, but I did make it to McDonalds. Never eat jalapeño burgers with grilled jalapeños stuffed with cream cheese the night before a workout. Thanks to Header for taking us out.


High T starts 4/8. Go to Twitterville for updates. Powerlifting at its finest, with F3’s finest for plenty of instruction and testosterone fueled ridiculousness.




No Rain, Rainy Day Workout

19 men gathered in the not rainy at all gloom. Quick Disclaimer given. Off we went


SubstiQing in the rain

The time is 10:30 on a slow Thursday morning when YHC is flipping through slack and sees a plea from a certain short but quick site Q pleading for relief from TheBrave the following morning.  Seeing as its been a rough week and activities had mostly not been the physical type, trying to break the unbreakable PAX of this rough and tumble site sounded delectable.  Few short comments later plans were made, unmade then adopted… A substiQtion has occurred!!!  Late that evening, a few drinks consumed and YHC realized no firm plans existed.  Returning to Slack he sees the men of centurion, the shorter and less vigorous Friday funday up the road, plan to flee the impending rain to head under the relative dryness of the parking deck and things began to crystallize.  Throw in the final day of DeathMarch and the torment practically writes itself….

The Thang:

Mosey up the road to the parking lot opposite Duckworths for a quick disclaimer and COP… All in cadence SSH, IW, Low Slow Squat all with 5 burpees OYO interspersed.

Mosey to the top of the hill roundabout for circuit of called exercise for 1/2 the PAX while the other 1/2 runs to the stopsign at the bottom of the hill.  Flapjack repeato.  Called exercises were Merkins, Alternating-Hand Slap Jumpsquats, Alternating High-Low PlankJacks (6 high/ 6 low) for 3 total sets.

Mosey down the hill to the top of the fitness trail by Loch Ness.  Partner up, speed and size matter.  Partner 1 runs to the pullup bars for 10 pull-ups while partner 2 performs lots of merkins.  Flapjack upon return.  Once 2nd partner returns partner carry for 4 lights, flip and partner carry for another 4 then finish lap of Loch Ness.  Reverse Order of the above for another lap (partner 2 heads to bars first etc… so that the other partner gets the second four lights… uphill!)  For the final set all is as before until the partner carries which are substituted for partner back-to-back squat walk for 1 light, spin and 1 more.  Mosey to the lit patio and peoples chair leg lifts.

Mosey to the sidewalk just this side of the Y and perform Merkin Indian run.  Everyone in plank then one-by-one AYG down about 50 yards, resume Merkins.  Down and back.

Indian run back to launch point via the hill next to Duckworths with a jail break from the top of the hill.    Upon return to the vine answer the call of one Jack Webb to 10 count with a little Mary topper to end it all.


Small group of PAX made for a nice audible to include the pull-up bars today and the rain stayed away mostly except for under the trees where the wind simulated a monsoon.  Strong showing from all men despite YHC’s blatant attempt to detach rotator cuffs in a heroic effort to complete DeathMarch in one workout.  Having never worked out with Beaker before, YHC foolishly elected him as the partner to carry…. he’s a lot more solid than expected.  Also, despite his protestations, Firehazard was nipping at my heels the entire workout making YHC push hard the entire hour… that boy can huck it!  All of the PAX were game for the challenge and YHC was reminded why TheBrave has its reputation, when everyone shows up to crush it great things happen.  ISI in full effect in this AO.  Thanks as always to ThinMint, Mario and FireHazard for the opportunity to lead this group.

PS… Shame on Goonie for failing to show despite the prior nite callout, I even left the party favors at home on your behalf! There is always next time.

Ebony, Ivory, and Rainman

7 determined and dedicated GoatPax braved Cantore’s foreboding forecast to become faster and stronger.

YHC kicked things off with a succinct disclaimer before departing the SCMS parking lot for a clockwise warm-up around the Rounding Run loop via Woodfox. We regrouped on Strawberry and proceeded to the main event, after a bit of dynamic stretching.

The Thang

0:30/0:30/1:00 intervals: 30 seconds at I(interval)-pace followed by 30 seconds of recovery; 30 seconds at I-pace, 30 seconds of recovery; 1:00 minute at I-pace, 1:00 minute recovery. We completed 4 full rounds and 2/3 of round 5. Final recovery run back to the lot for stretching and COT.


  • Solid, consistent work by all this morning. Everyone maintained their pace throughout the intervals.
  • Tweetsie keeps getting faster every week. Your hard work and discipline is paying off brother.
  • Lois crushed it as usual, despite a bit of nervousness about the Gamecock’s Final Four match up with Gonzaga tomorrow. YHC thinks we’re all pulling for a UNC vs. USC title game.
  • Insomniac and Beefeater arrived in their matching ebony and ivory Volvos and ran in perfect harmony. YHC observed a transfer of a large stack of one dollar bills between the two compadres at the end of the workout. #uptowncabaret #moneylaundering
  • Mr. Brady ground out some miles while battling a balky back. Way to persevere and post with us. #noshouldertouching
  • Slim Fast led the pack this morning, displaying his trademark Texas speed. He did so despite recovering from a soccer-related injury suffered earlier this week while scoring his eighth goal of the match on a bicycle kick. Much respect to SF for managing the Garmin and the Pax on these types of runs. He makes it look easier than it is. YHC has no idea how he does it when guiding Sensei. Great work!
  • As a result of YHC’s last two Mountain Goat Qs featuring wet weather, there was a movement underway to call YHC Rainman. YHC can’t argue this one. #judgewapner #imanexcellentdriver


Thanks to Insomniac for taking us out!

Not So Rainy, Rainy Day Workout

Cantore was off his game last night. High chance of rain and thunderstorms were expected this morning. It didn’t happen. YHC had already planned a rainy day workout so that’s what we did. A quick disclaimer was given in the parking lot. 19 men then headed over to Tartarus.


Run over to the second level of the parking deck for COP. Merkins x 10 / Low Slow Squats x 10 / Heels to Heaven x 15, Wide Arm Merkins x 10, Mountain Climbers x 15 all done IC.

Line up on wall on one side of the parking deck facing the opposite side. Bear Crawl to the other side, turn around, complete 1 Merkin. Bear Crawl back, turn around, 2 Merkins. Continue with ascending Merkins to 6. The original goal was 10, but after much mumblechatter and PAX modification it was reduced to 6.

Run to the bottom of the parking deck.

Going up do 2 Monkey Humpers at every parking space line on the inclines of the deck. 10 Merkins at each turn. Lunge Walk the flat parts of the deck. Do this all the way to the top level. Then run back to the start. Mary while waiting for the six. Repeat this one more time, but with Board Jumps instead of Monkey Humpers.

Ended the workout with 7s. Go all the way to the top of the deck completing Kraken Burpees (a Burpee with 3 HR Merkins) and all the way back down using the deck for more Kraken Burpees. Time ran out before completion. Everyone headed back to the launch after time expired. Circle up for COT.


Nice work out there today gentlemen. Looked like everyone was pushing hard. I hope everyone got something out of it. Thanks for coming out even though my Qing is still in its infancy. I look forward to more opportunities.


30 seconds ….. and so on…..

A little rain didn’t stop the men of Joust but it did stifle QICs winkie full o fun. Next Q will be epic. With thunder storms on the horizon, we stayed close to shelter and improvised a beat down that could only be sustained in .30 second increments of pain!

Mozey to sheltered/dry entryway of CCS
SSH x 20
LSS x 20
Merkin x 20
LBC x 30
Dolly x 25
Flutter x 20
LBC x 30
IW x 20
Incline Merkins x 20
LBC x 30

Mozey to front parking lot of CCS

Various Warm-ups and mozey (approx 5 mins)

30-30-1’s (i-pace. 30 sec sprint, 30 sec recovery, repeat, then 1 minute sprint, 1 minute recovery, repeato) for approx 30 mins.

Mozey to wall.

People’s Chair, 30 secs
Lower 1 inch, 30 secs
50 air presses


People’s Chair, 30 secs
Lower 1 inch, 30 secs
Peak51 Arm Raises x 50


Mozey to lower lot (rubber band legs)

Circle up

LSS x 20 (TY Dollywood)


A simple, F3 bread and butter BC. With the storm and possible lightning, QIC wanted to keep the pax in safe distance to cars and shelter. Hope it wasn’t to monotonous. QIC was amazed at the speed of the pax. Joust is loaded with men of Character And Strength. Always an honor and humbling to lead.



As Bulldog likes to say, that was a goodin, in his British West Virginian combo accent.

We jumped on it early with no warmup except for the mosey down the road with 20 merkins at each speed bump.

Wandered aimlessly around the building to find a suitable wall for:

Shoulder work on the wall with pushups, donkey kicks, and arm raises, 3 rounds. (had to be there, I don’t know what they’re called)

Run to soccer/lacrosse field for partner work.

P1 run
P2 flutter

P1 run
P2 hand release merkins

P1 run
P2 LBC’s

P1 run
P2 monkey humpers

Run over to the hill for 7’s with CDD’s and Squats

Run to gazebo for 3 rounds of
20 Derkins
20 step ups
20 dips

Back to field at lot for 6 MOM and a time waster of merkins, squats, and burpees

Great old school group of F3 men out today. I haven’t been posting as much as I used to and am somewhat working on correcting that. Seeing all the boys is a good reminder as to why I need to. Alf brought the mumblechatter that I expect to hear at Kevlar with lots of comments, jabs, and whatever he could muster. Well done sir. Horsehead, even though he was demoted from site Q, still feels authoritative as the assistant to the management. There were some odd smells out there today, and thanks to a wind shift, the high pressure fart that Puddin tried to fire at me got diverted. That almost threw off the whole 6MOM pal. Good try Puddin, you earned the name Puddin Pop officially today. 16 is a good number considering the forecast, thanks for coming out gents. See you guys next week. Sound off on anything I missed or you would like to add.

Growing another Hump

PAX assembled on Wednesday morning at the Marvin Ridge HS/MS campus for a true campus tour, but without “too much” running…  Here’s what went down.


  • Extra Credit – 4 PAX (Snowflake, Doc, Tuck, and Bratwurst) showed at 0515 to get in a few more minutes of exercise on a mid-week morning.  Since the Track/Stadium gate was opened, we went exploring and did some stuff on stairs and rails for about 12 minutes before rejoining the PAX in the parking area.  LegalZoom got in some extra distance looking for us, as did GreaseMonkey looking for a rock to carry around, but in the end, it was just the 4 hopefully setting a trend to get in an Extra 15 on a mid-week workout.  This will be a new weekly “Extra Credit” event, led by whatever PAX shows up, so YHC will do it if no one else volunteers, however, it’s meant to be an opportunity to try something new with a small group, throw out a ridiculous challenge (i.e. Ice9’s 15 burpees a minute for 15 minutes), and just sweat some more.
  • The Full 45 – Disclaimer given, let’s mosey
  • Head off towards the Athletic fields on the other side of the school.  On the way let’s do some high knees, butt kicks, karaoke.
  • Circle up in the Administrative lot behind the HS for an opening COS (Circle of Stretching) with In-Cadence exercises of Don Quixote, Imperial Walkers, Mountain Climbers (the slow and full extension kind).
  • Find the double benches between the tennis courts.  Split up half of PAX on each bench.  Set of 11s with Dips and Derkins (finally figured out not to have a Dip and Derkin side) while stepping up and over each bench as you go from Dips to Derkins.  Plank when done.
  • Mosey to the middle of the upper soccer fields.  COP with In-Cadence exercises of LBCs, Mountain Climbers (the quick kind), Low Slow Squats, and perhaps something else (Diamond Merkins?)…
  • Mosey just over to the hill behind the goal and find a partner.  2 rounds where P1 runs up the grassy hill and does 5 Burps at the top while P2 does modified Turkish Getups (start on back and stand up without the use of hands).  Plank when done.
  • Mosey to the long bench between the other tennis courts.  Single leg squats on the bench – 10c OYO each leg.  Single leg calf raises on the bench – 10c OYO each leg.  Hand-release Merkins x 20.  Single leg squats on the bench – 15c OYO each leg.
  • Long Mosey to the alley / wall by the front of the Middle School.  Peoples chair until the Six arrived.  Drop 3 inches lower and Arm Raises IC.
  • Find your Partner again – P1 up and over the wall to do 5 Jump Ups at the MS entrance awning.  Back down the hill and around the fence to relieve P2 who was doing Flutter Dolly. Flapjack.  Repeato with P2 doing Pistol Crunches this time.  Flapjack.
  • Long Mosey around the school back to the bottom of the parking lot.  On the way, regroup the PAX with Flutter and Heels to Heaven and Hold Feet up at 6-inches until the 6 arrives.
  • 10 Hand release Merkins.
  • Jailbreak to COT.

The Moleskin:

  • Snowflake took us out reminding us about encouraging each other and the source of encouragement.
  • The Extra Credit 15 minutes was announced on “the Haw” Slack channel , which has pretty much replaced Twitter for all F3-related communication for YHC.  If you aren’t on Slack, you’re missing some great info ranging on topics having to do with Fitness (trips to Kinetic Heights, run meet-ups, various challenges from weight loss to merkins/pull-ups), Fellowship (mumblechatter, happy hours, AO related stuff), and Faith (inspiration, serve, and F3Dads challenges).  Best of all, it’s totally private, searchable, and flexible to add pictures, videos, links, calendar reminders, etc.  All we need is an email to sign you up – email for an invite.
  • If you aren’t on Slack or the F3 Cuthbertson GroupMe text, then you are really missing out from getting to know these guys you are working out with every day.
  • Huge variety of PAX with the numbers continuing to grow from Lawson, the Chimneys, Hunter Oaks, Somerset, PDS, Marvin Creek, and other surrounding neighborhoods in Marvin/Weddington/Waxhaw.  Let’s try to publicize this on Nextdoor by responding to Posts like this one or creating Events like this one
  • Let’s get an evening Happy Hour going soon.  Thoughts are after 7pm mid-week or end of the week in Waxhaw area.  Sound off in comments for suggestions or if you’d like to spearhead the effort!



Goonie is Tired

12 Pax showed up for some flat running at Devil’s Turn this week.  Last week was a Q-less affair given that the Bald Brothers (no similarities to the Bash Brothers of the 80s/90s  ) needed a day of rest before running through the backcountry of South Carolina.  This week…a Q was demanded and a Q you shall have.

For the PAX who are too young…here’s the Bash Brothers:

Today’s running event was quite simple.  Out and back on the Greenway.  It’s nice when the weather starts to warm up because the Greenway comes back into play…during the winter months those boards can be hazardous to your health so we leave them alone for a while.

Today was a good crew for some good ole’ fashioned running.  A few folks took off (Fletch, Turkey Leg) to stretch the legs and get some faster miles in.  Some folks aren’t on Strava yet (Depth Charge — get a watch and get on Strava!), but the group fell into a few pace groups.

Goonie made a showing to Devils Turn and wanted it clearly noted that he was tired at the end.  6.5 miles of running for him and he ran hard.  He’s on a BRR team coming up this fall so we should see him more and more at DT attacking those hills and getting in running form.

Had there been an FNG today, i would have named him Pollen.  That stuff was in full force yesterday morning….you could see it in the air in the headlamp glare.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead this morning.


Goonie is tired.

Cheddar has a BRR team and needs folks…he asked that we pray he finds enough people for a team.  Good luck.

Plyo Work

I was excited to lead today and get a little different workout than the usual.

Using the stairs we have at DV we set up a set of 3 lines each with 4 cones in front of it.

The workout consisted of:
– Jumping over the cone, down into a squat and then broad jumping over the next cone. Repeating over all 4 cones.
– After completing the 4 jumps, the runner sprints 20 yards straight ahead, hits the stairs, up the 3 flights and completes the loop jogging back. Total of about 50 yards.

We went in sets of 4.

Next, we jumped over the cone, landed and jumped to pull knees to chest. Repeat for 4 sets.

After that, jump, land, squat, then knees to chest X4

Set 4 consisted of spreading the cones out a bit and doing broad jumps. 2 jumps forward. backpedal back one cone. 2 jumps forward, back pedal. 1 last jump forward and sprint through X2

Last set, broad jump forward x2, knees to chest, back pedal one cone etc. x4 sets.

We finished up the workout with a few laps in the parking lot rounding out the mileage to 3miles on the dot. Overall, good balanced workout, probably a few sore legs out there.


Header and Chin Music are going for a mileage record in #Area51 I think… I think they are training for a half marathon or something. Who knew that was a thing.

I ran a half marathon once, not on purpose. Just got lost on a 6 mile run ended up finding my way home later that day, they didn’t give me a medal though. Suit yourself header but you’ve only got one achilles. Keep up the good work, just think about your competition every day all of your yoga pants wearing female competition… that’ll give you the motivation you need to keep training.

Good to see Wild Turkey out there… I had not met him formally before. Although if he is anything like his Kentucky cousin and namesake we shall get along quite well.

Sleeper pick of this week’s draft is Sheldon. That guy is grinding every time he posts… he is going to have smokey’s bod in a few years if he keeps this up.


Don’t forget about our convergence happening on the 12th. We will be meeting at Anvil and having a short time for Coffee and a testimony right after. Ending at 7. It’ll be a good time, the speaker will be announced next week!!