6 + 14 = 20

  • When:02/23/17
  • QIC: Queen
  • The PAX: Jet Fuel, Hannibal, Puddin Pop, Good Hands, Arena, Spackler, Sweet Roll (FNG), Flutie Flakes, Lazy Boy, Marge, Hopper, Queen

6 + 14 = 20

Posted on behalf of Queen

12 esteemed gentlemen gathered this morning at 5:30 for an F3 workout. I’m not sure where that was, but we also had 12 clowns show up at Hydra. Here’s how it went down and an explanation for the rep counts. Okay, I know we have some Clemson guys that post here, we’ve got some Alabama guys posting here. We’ve got some Carolina and Duke fans. Yeah, and I’m really glad that y’all have played in National Championship games in football and basketball over the past few seasons. Really, I’m happy for y’all. I went to NC State. We lost six football games this fall and we’ve lost 14 basketball games so far. That’s 20 times that my wife has had to deal with my irritability. I figured I’d take my pain out on this group. That being said, I know that there was at least one Wake guy and one South Carolina guy that posted today, so they share my pain and frustration.


20 Side straddle hops

20 IW’s

20 Mountain Climbers


Mosey to the Tree and the surrounding benches.

20 step ups, 20 decline merkins, 20 dips

14 step ups, 14 decline merkins, 14 dips

6 split squats each leg, 6 diamond merkins


Mosey to the playground and partner up

Partner 1 runs a lap around the school. Partner 2 does 20 air squats, 14 merkins, 6 pull ups. Switch up and repeat 2 more times

Partner 1 runs to the dugout. Partner 2 does 14 LBC’s and 6 diamond merkins.


Jog through the fog to the football field

Karaoke for 100 yards and back

20 burpees

50 yards of walking lunges and jog the remaining 50

Run 30 yards, 20 wide arm merkins, run 30 yards, 14 regular merkins, run the remaining 40 yards, 6 diamond merkins


Mosey back to the short field

Teams of 3 for a 40 yard dash relay (about 4 runs per person)


Good work by all. I thought we had a 13th pax member pulling up on a motorcycle during the mountain climbers, but I realized that was Puddin Pop on the butt trumpet. Welcome Sweet Roll. Glad to have you out, admired your work during the relay. The smart alack comment from Hannibal was the reason the 20 burpees were given out. No announcements, thanks to Arena for the take out.


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Puddin PopPosted on10:52 am - Feb 23, 2017

Nice lead Queen, especially being fresh off a boat, literally. Butt trumpet, that’s classic. Speaking of, I really surprised myself in the flatulence department today. I did have the customary 5:09 prairie dog, but apparently was not finished as evidenced by the 5:58 #cottontouch. Be thee not frightened my friends, there was a safe and sound 6:32 #ovencleaning at Casa de Puddin. Great group this morning.

Classic Spackler with the rename of Sweet Roll, literally 49 seconds after the initial name agreement.

HannibalPosted on11:07 am - Feb 23, 2017

Nice Q, Queen. I’m trying to figure out what stupid comment I made – ha! I think all I said was that I hate burpees. #scapegoat

Puddin’ Pop was horribly smelly this morning. #mushroomcloud

I also learned a lot about great ski resorts in the Western US. JetFuel is getting fast. #juetfuel

Yes, we in Wake-land feel the pain of our NCSU brethren, though beating you by 30 a couple weeks ago did make us feel better. Thank you.

OK, enough #hashtags for now. Welcome home.

JetFuelPosted on5:11 pm - Feb 23, 2017

Excellent Q, Queen. Welcome back.

Welcome to Sweet Roll who apparently lives in close vicinity to Marge. At least Sweet Roll is not another Clemson grad. #outofthewoodworks

Discovered that Sweet Roll is a former soccer player, which explains why he was sandbagging on the first 2 laps around OPES, but decided to “throttle up” on the final lap and show off that soccer speed. #vaportrail

Pop….mercy. Chipotle was wreaking havoc on your GI tract, son. Oh, the humanity…

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