Layer down

  • When:02/15/17
  • QIC: fletch
  • The PAX: uncle leo, floor slapper, runstopper, bookie, frasier, dolleywood, shelton, mermaid, smokey, lightfoot, deepdish, faultline, joker, busch, thinmint, skywalker, bulldog, puddin pop, semigloss, alf, tackling dummy, fletch (QIC)

Layer down

Nice warm morning awaited us at the #DeathValley site. Some of us were dressed accordingly, shorts and short sleeves or even a long sleeve base layer. Others (JOKER) came prepared to snowmobile accross Antartica. Either that or he is cutting weight to wrestle in a lighter class. Regardless, he would shed several layers of clothing by the end. There were shirts hanging on bleachers, hats on hand rails and sweatshirts in trees. Hopefully everything made it home.
After a thorough, some would say longwinded disclaimer – we launched into the not so dark Gloom

Run to daycare lot for warm up
Ssh x 20IC
Diamond Merkin x15IC
Iw x20IC
Widearm Merkin x15IC
Squat x20IC
Regular Merkin x15IC

Run to the area between the baseball fields and plank it up

Partner up
P1 exercise would complete reps of the three exercise – P2 Run to the track for a Hot lap and back
Round 1 – 40 dips/40 supine pull-ups/40 decline merkin (LBC’s)
Round 2 – 40 squats/40 step ups/40 incline merkins (Rosalita)
Round 3 – 40 dry dock/40 mountain climbers/40 Regular merkins (flutter)
Round 4 -40 Lunges/40 Diamond Merkin/40LBC (Plank)

Run up to the main lot for mary consisting of 25 Regular Merkins in cadence (or to failure)

Debbies House Service Project 2/17-2/20 (see weekly email for link and details)
Charlotte Eagles Youth Soccer Club – Meeting to raise awareness 2/22 7-9 at Tiger Rags Place evite link provided below

Strong & Fast crew out there today – no newbies and plenty of Veterans. Loved to see the push out on the track – everyone was crushing the lap this morning. Have to call out SemiGloss for consistently coming finishing with the top 3 of his group this morning. He’s been running quite a bit lately and its paying off. Frasier and ThinMint were flying, throwing down some top strava times on the track – thanks for coming out to DeathValley this morning gents. Bulldog/Alf/Mermaid/Busch/Joker/Smokey/runstopper and others were also pushing the pace. Nice meeting Lightfoot today, relatively new to F3 but looks like he is fitting in nicely running right along the swift footed Dollywood this morning. Hope everyone enjoyed themselves this morning – I most certainly did. Got in somewhere between 2.5-3 miles and a couple hundred merkins over various types. Have a great rest of your week,

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Dollywood_a51Posted on6:44 pm - Feb 15, 2017

Got to agree- semi was killing it.

And that was really hard.

MermaidPosted on7:29 am - Feb 16, 2017

Strong Q Fletch. Lost count of the merkins in COP for warm up. Just remember I was pretty close to failure. Fast crew out there. Semi was my partner and was killing it for sure. Got me near the front of the partner 2 group. To start, at least. Each lap went about like this: Alf passes me, followed by Thin Mint and Frasier, then Dollywood, Lightfoot, and Fletch.

Chelms aka TatertotPosted on2:57 pm - Feb 16, 2017

If you have no Newbies than by definition don’t you have a bunch of veterans? Inquiring minds want to know.

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