Take a Lap

  • When:02/10/17
  • QIC: Fletch
  • The PAX: busch, stonecold, lobster roll, baracas, smokey, yeti, sheldon, chinmusic, header, fng (Gunnar), sweeney todd, boervers, joystick, puddinpop, bulldog, slumlord (R), dollywood, fletch (QIC)

Take a Lap

Despite the cooler temps, we had a strong showing of 18 at Joust this morning, including a 17 year old FNG (Gunnar). It was cold, so off we went after the disclaimer. Here’s what we did:

Head to Center of the field for warm up
Ssh x20 IC
Merkinx25 IC
Iwx20 IC
Squat x20 IC

Take a Lap around the track

Partner up and Head to the top of stands
P1 10 pull up 10 Hanging Knee Ups – Run around press box up stairs
P2 30 dips 30 incline 30 sit-ups
Flapjack x 3 rounds

Take a Lap around the track

Stop at the base of the Hill
10 diamond Merkins on bottom – 20 lbcs on top x 5 rounds

Take a Lap around the track

Stop at the Bottom Bleacher for some Leg work
20 step ups each leg – 20 Bench squat
Run up stairs and around press box 20 wide arm merkins
X3 rounds
Inverted plankara on Bleacher

Take a lap around the Track

Head back to the lot for 30 Flutters IC

Time is up.

Charlotte Eagles Youth Soccer Club – Meeting to raise awareness 2/22 7-9 at Tiger Rags Place evite link provided below

Perfect morning to keep the pax moving around to avoid frostbite as temps were in the upper 20’s at the start. It warmed up quite nicely by the end. Puddin kept me in check during the warmup – counting each and every cadence count. Hopefully everyone got a little something out this morning. Great group of regulars and a few new faces. Joust is a great campus – almost need more than 45 minutes to take advantage of everything there is to offer. That hill alone could occupy half a workout. Got a couple miles in and plenty of merkins. Should have some sore legs later courtesy of hills, stairs, and step ups. Gotta break down to get stronger. Best wishes and safe travels to ChinMusic as he launches for a weeklong mission trip to spread the good word. Great Take out this morning by Busch, thank you for lifting us all up in prayer – much appreciated.

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