CSPAN return to @F3Indianland

  • When:02/09/17
  • The PAX: Birdcage, Ringer, Fire Hazard, Bounty Hunter, Sauerkraut, Kielbasa, Kirby, and The General

CSPAN return to @F3Indianland

several got 2 miles for pre-run

Disclaimer in detail

off and running…warm-up-o-rama…off and running…dip circuit…off and running…lunge medley…off and running…ABLAB…off and running…merkin melody…off and running…peoples donkey balls melody…off and running

Prayer and Praise


Naked Man:

~great to back
~no 1-Niner and his KT tape
~Ringer is still fit
~Fire Hazard is an over achiever
~Kirby is funny = quality #chatter
~The Sauerkraut Kielbasa are the new “dynamic duo”
~General kept his sleeves on for the full workout
~Bounty still hates running…
~Birdcage has the 2nd most miles on his P200 Team = who thinks they aren’t a runner?
~Ringer thank you for the invite
~appreciate the 2nd F at breakfast

Be a better man today than you were yesterday,

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