The Sandlot

  • When:1/30/17
  • QIC: Egypt
  • The PAX: Heartbreaker, Hairball, Jamboree (short sleeves in 29 degrees), Doogie, 'Bout Time, Aqua Fresh, Rachel, One Eye, Orlando (LIFO), Egypt, Hannibal

The Sandlot

So, it’s been a few days, but I’m pretty sure 11 dudes showed up, and I know we spent time on the baseball field and on a really dark street, and this is probably close to the rest of it:

COP in main lot, respecting the natural circle that #DMZ pax always form at 0528: SSH x20, plank jack x15, seal jack x15, squat jumps x15, mericans x15

Mosey through Carmel Rd Park, and to the immaculately-maintained baseball field that Hannibal somehow didn’t even realize existed. Divide into 3rds for 10 sumo squats jumps at 2nd base, 5 pull ups at the 1st base dugout, and 5 at the 3rd base dugout. Marvel at the Pax’s ability to do pull ups using the shingled roof of a baseball dugout. Thanks Titan for the inspiration, probably 4 years ago. Repeato until the Q calls time.

Repeato, but with dips at the dugouts, until Q calls time.

Head over to #@Church @CharlotteCLT, cross Colony. Think we’re turning right on Tufton Brae for a brief COP in the cul-de-sac before heading to Mill Pond for the #MainEvent. Quickly realize the road is going on, and on. Stop at the end, where it changes names and doglegs left, for COP: wide-arms, flutter, Michael phelps. Ask someone if this road ever ends; One Eye says yes, and he seems trustworthy, so we head left in search of the end.

Find the end. Learn later that road is called Loch Lane. COP of something down there, then run back to the midway point. AYG back to the end, with 5 burpees at the start and finish. Return to the end of the Loch, with 5 burpees at each driveway on the right. Turns out there aren’t many, so that was easy. Return with 5 hand-release mericans at each driveway on the right (new right). There are more, so it’s not as easy.

Regroup for COP: diamonds (yes, Orlando, the index fingers and the thumbs are supposed to touch), Boone left and Right, and more squats. Mosey out, head south (!) on Carmel, to find Tufton Brae and prove YHC isn’t insane. He’s not, and the street is even shorter than he thought. COP with something I can’t remember.

Head home, stopping for some People’s Chair and air presses at @#C@@#%%Clt#NC, then back to the sandlot for 5 pull ups and 10 jumping lunges. AYG back to base. 2.4 miles.

Thanks for the keys, OneEye. My glutes were still sore on Wednesday, which suggests we did more squats than usual. Or that I have a weak ass. Or both.

Jamboree, I hope you thawed out eventually, though I doubt you would have admitted you were cold.




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