Baggage @ The Arsenal

  • When:02/02/17
  • QIC: General
  • The PAX: Tuck, Fallout, Copay, Ringer, Birdcage, Kielbasa, Sauerkraut, Fire Hazard, Yellow Jacket (FNG), Family Ties (FNG), General (QIC)

Baggage @ The Arsenal

YHC loves a good sand bag workout and felt like doling one out despite coming off a heavy Fat Camp Q by Argonaut the day prior. A 15-minute Pre-run was in order in which YHC had set a lofty goal to hit 2 miles in that timeframe. Bird Cage brought me down to earth and we settled for 1.25. Not 1, but 2 FNGs rolled up with their respective EH’ers (Tuck & Fallout). A bakers dozen it was, disclaimer given and off we went:


  • SSH x 20
  • Merkin x 10
  • LSS x 10
  • MC x 10

The Sand Bag Thang

  • Partner up (one group of 3…more to come on these guys)
  • P1 – Carry Sand bag up the hill and back down, P2 Burpees (x2)
  • P1 – Carry Sand bag up the hill and back down, P2 hold 6inch (9 for me) plank & Flapjack (x2)
  • P1 – Starts off with a backpedal sandbag drag, P2 sprints to P1 and takes over draggin’ the ole bag and P1 sprints back to start point and back to “relieve” P2 (Entire length of practice field)
  • Same concept as above, except swap backpedal sandbag drag with bear crawl sandbag pull-throughs (Entire length of practice field)
  • Partner Bag sit-ups (Team of 3, you’re up)
    • P1 does sit up with bag, handing to P2 (standing above), does sit up without the bag and takes bag from P2 = 1 rep (x10), flapjack
    • The team of 3 decided to modify in a “cute” way aka “The Loveboat” with all 3 PAX not naming names (Ringer, Copay, Fire Hazard) nestled in close holding the same sand bag doing situps….twas the sight to see
  • Grab some Wall for deep squat bag pass down and back
  • Partner Sprints
    • P1 Sprint to 1st “light pole” while P2 does sandbag squats
    • Flapjack, P2 sprints to 2nd “light pole” while P1 does sandbag squats
    • Flapack…to 3rd and final light pole
  • Quick round of Mary
    • Flutter x 20
    • Superman (arms out front, Fire Hazard SHarT blast, arms behind, lean right/left)
    • Freddie Mercury x 20
  • COT
    • Welcome/Name FNG’s, Family Ties (EH – Tuck) and Yellow Jacket (EH – Fallout)
    • Sign-up for the Savage Race


Solid group at the Arsenal today and working in partners really seemed to push everyone. I know that we joked about my poor choice of words “relieving one another” in the sandbag workout but it was good to see the PAX pushing through the sprints to relieve their partner doing the heavy lifting on the bag portion of the workout. Look for everyday opportunities to ease the burden of those struggling with one.

T-Claps to:

  • Fallout and Tuck for their EH work of FNGs. Both FNGs were solid and I appreciate your leadership in pushing and encouraging them as partners during the workout
  • Kielbasa for the EH and bringing Sauerkraut out to Day 3 and to Sauerkraut for stringing together 3 posts in 5-6 days
  • Fire Hazard for providing the bulk of the gear…although he almost sh*t his pants during mary
  • Ringer, Bird Cage and Fire Hazard for putting in the extra work with the pre-run
  • Copay = still the fastest man

Always an honor to lead and have a solid rest of the week. Over and Out



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