The weatherman is ALWAYS wrong

  • When:01/26/2017
  • QIC: Semi-Gloss
  • The PAX: hopper, gummy, La-Z-Boy, kirk, ironsides, jet fuel, pudding pop, marge

The weatherman is ALWAYS wrong

9 PAX showed up for something bad but what they got was……..a bad workout.

Here is the explanation of what was accomplished
Mosey over to Edenbridge LN for COP

15 IW – CAD
15 Merkin – CAD
15 MC – CAD

Partner up
1 run Edenbridge the other runs Rea Forest to Windyrush – meet up 20 partner Derkins
Run back squats.
30 Boone Crunches – Yes that’s right

7’s on the hill of Rea Forest – Merkins at the bottom and LBC’s at the top

Native American Run back to launch
10 Merkins – CAD
20 Freddy Merc’s CAD
9 Merkins – CAD
20 Boone Crunches – CAD

Mosey to the track
Partner – Catch me if you can with 10 merkins


Took the Q over from Spackler who is DR for work. Which was convenient considering last night there was a 85% chance of rain. Once again the weatherman nails it.
Decided to dig deep in to my old workouts at Hydra and did something very similar to the last time which makes it unoriginal and I’m okay with that. Once you have been doing f3 for 4+ years you shoot from the hip and you’re pretty good at it.
Kirk texted me that he was coming in hot and didn’t disappoint. Then told me that he had Authentic Korean last night which could only end poorly with the Kim Chi (Sp?). Gummy ran in and apparently wanted a medal for it. We get it you are training for the BRR or something and you need to run. He also questioned my workout and really everything I did which is fair because I did the same to him last week #whatcomesaroundgoesaround.
Lazyboy was out there, haven’t seen him in a while since I gave up Site q at Death Valley, he was quiet today….probably because Gummy was talking so much, THANKS FOR THE TAKE OUT. Ironsides – Great to see you man and glad that you are healing up. Puddin was a little upset with me on the 7’s and kept complaining that it was too far. I’m doing that for both of us….trust me. Jet Fuel is lighting it up. I couldn’t keep up with him….tried but couldn’t. Marge has gotten insanely too fast. Him and Kirk were leading on both 7’s and partner work. No way I was keeping up with them. Hopper and I have been seeing each other at the Y, we usually nod and then I pretend to wail on my pecks but really just grab water too much.

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GummyPosted on10:40 am - Jan 26, 2017

Turned out to be a great weather morning, nice breeze, mid-50s. Good stuff. Pop referred to it as “good chi” or something. He may have been talking about his groin though – hard to tell.

That was one of the best 35 minute workouts I’ve been to.

High TidePosted on12:08 pm - Jan 26, 2017

What are Boone Crunches? Or, should I not ask?

JetFuelPosted on10:04 pm - Jan 26, 2017

Boone Crunches are Semi Gloss’ personal F3 mission, destined to spread throughout the Charlotte region – A51, Metro, and beyond. Much like Ebola or Bird Flu.

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