Round&Round we go

  • When:01/26/17
  • QIC: Transporter
  • The PAX: Shop Dawg (R), Loafer, Posse, Turtle, Frack, Legal Zoom, Good Fella, Hollywood

Round&Round we go

First of all I apologize that I didn’t prebast the running conditions that I was going to put everyone through but then again,  not really. “Suck it up Buttercup” and get to work!

WU: SSH 20, LSS 20, MC, 20, Moracco’s 15, CP 15 and a mosey over to the track

The Thang:

1st run- 4 laps- When waiting for the pack Led Mary, Supermans

2nd Run- 3 laps– When waiting for the pack Led Mary, Supermans

3rd Run- 2 Laps-  When waiting for the pack Led Mary, Supermans

4th Run 1 lap- When waiting for the pack Led Mary, Supermans

All as fast as you can


Lot of mumble chatter as we lined up on the track,  whining about running, “If I would have known there was going to be this much running…”  but not to long into the q everyone was too out of breath to complain.  Hollywood as expected finished every run first,  seems like all he does is run like the wind.  Shop  was pleased with his performace as he did not have to walk any, kudos to him. Leagal Zoom is back into the full swing of things showing up to a lots of sites lately.  Frack was not a fan of the running but he knows he really likes its, and Good Fella and Posse continue to show improvement as well, so much faster than they were two months ago!  Now Turtle,  he has a different story, somehow his “procedure” some how messed his knee, up (not sure how those two things are connected:), I still give him credit, he didn’t quit and stuck to merkins while we ran.  All in all was 3.4 miles of heart pumping running.

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