The passing of the torch – Delayed BB

  • When:12/28/16
  • QIC: Semi-Gloss
  • The PAX: Swiper, Huggy Bear, Smokey, Jet Fuel, Marge, Hannibal, Pudding Pop, Salt Lick, good hands

The passing of the torch – Delayed BB

10 Men came out to a end of year celebration – Sorry for the delay on this but I completely forgot, you give up the Site q duties and everything falls apart.

It’s been a week so I can hardly remember everything so please forgive me.

The Thang

Run to Rose Cliff – 11’s on the hill. DD’s at the bottom and LBC’s at the top.

Mosey back to the Launch – Partner work

One partner does called exercise with Block while the other runs to ball fields – 30 Sup-pines, 20 Dips, 10 derkins



Moley skinny

Wow took me an entire week to write this. Hannibal gave me crap today about this and I completely forgot. So here goes.

There wasn’t a ton of mumblechatter out there this am. Might be because it was at the end of the year and the usually suspects were in the FS still snoozing. It could also be they knew that might workout wasn’t going to be of the caliber they were looking for during this time of the year. Still with the other sites posting low numbers I took solace in knowing that it might not be me.

When we jogged down to Rose Cliff and the call for 11’s was made there was a lot of complaining and I know right then that this was the correct call. So many people passed me it was hard to keep up. Marge and Swiper were crushing it as usual. Hannibal in his consistent way proceeded to lap me several times but at the partner work complained so I will only give half credit. Smokey was literally flying through the workout so that wasn’t happening. Salt Lick and Jet fuel were hard to keep up with, always great to see both of them out. Puddin, your my boy blue great running with you and Good hands as always.

It’s the end of another era at Death Valley. We have done a ton of things in the 5+ years that this site has been around. It’s moved twice before landing at South Charlotte Middle school. There have been site Q’s that have come and gone and left their mark upon it. The only time I see Stage Coach is at the Y when I am too cold to go outside and workout. With Smokey and Dollywood at the helm I see them growing in F3 and putting their own stamp on this site. It continues to pull in great guys and awesome workouts. In addition the Chatter level is always expert in the gloom of this AO, I guess that will always be the same. I am very happy to have found two great guys to pick up the torch and lead this site to it’s next season.

Joe Davis Run — Looks snowy out there boys.

Dryuary in full effect. Google if need be.

SG out

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