Emeril’s Running Show

  • When:12/22/16
  • QIC: Bottlecap
  • The PAX: Shampoodle, Frack, Gator Cub (R), Ranger (2.0), Posse, Transporter, Bottlecap (QIC)

Emeril’s Running Show

7 PAX showed up with their beards and Bubba Gump hats for a day that was promoted as a running workout.  Props to Ranger for dragging his dad out of the fart sac to arrive on time for a change.  YHC started the music and we got rolling.


Mosey and pick up friend “Jenny” at rock pile

SS-Strops x 30

Jump Squats x 20

Merkins x 10

2-footed Peter Parker (kind of) x 20

Crunches x 20

Side Crunch Shoe Touches x 20

Cotton Pickers x 15

Lunge knee dips x 20


Tote “Jenny” over to the track.  Check Gate 1 – Locked “so we kept running.”  Check Gate 2 – Locked “so we kept running.”  Check Gate 3 – Locked so we . . . hopped the fence.  Transporter offered to discuss this “life lesson” with Ranger.

Let Jenny sit on side of track while we do 3 laps

400m @ 2nd F pace, 400m @ 1M pace, Jog 100m, Sprint 100m, Jog 100m, Sprint 100m

This is when Emeril showed up . . . BAMS!

5 Burpees, 10 American Hammers (with Jenny), 15 Merkins, 20, Squats (with Jenny)

Jog 100m, Sprint 100m, Jog 100m, Sprint 100m


Jog 100m, Sprint 200m, Jog 100m


Jog 100m, Sprint 100m, Jog 100m, Sprint 100m


Side Shuffle 100m, Run Backwards 100m, Side Shuffle 100m, Run Backwards 100m


Hop the fence and bring Jenny back home

Circle up for some Side Straddle Strops x 33


While Forrest, Jenny, and Emeril were there to help us get through the workout, the PAX didn’t need them.  Ranger is making the most of his school break by impressively leading from the front on the runs.  Transporter got even faster after he got a little lighter after the warmup.  Frack muscled through another running workout after yesterday’s 5 miler (at least he had shoes on though).  Gator Cub continues to be sneaky fast.  Shampoodle keeping up with everyone despite being out a couple weeks.  Posse not letting his 2.0 get the best of him with an All You Got sprint with Jenny at the end barely beat, errr, lose to Ranger.

Always great to Q at this AO; lots of options.  Lots to be thankful for this Christmas season but F3 and this group of MEN are near the top of my list.  Appreciate the leadership, accountability, and servant attitudes that each of you bring to the table that push me to be better everyday.  Merry Christmas!


F3 Sanctuary:  7:30pm Monday nights at Brooklyn Pizza Wesley Chapel.

Monday 12/26 “Swift”:  Moved back an hour to 6:30am at Cuthbertson Middle

Joe Davis 5/10k:  First Saturday in January in Fort Mill (flat course)

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JRR TolkienPosted on8:18 pm - Dec 22, 2016

Ummm… Joe Davis course is about as flat as Pamela Anderson. So I hear…

BratwurstPosted on10:18 pm - Dec 22, 2016

What’s this Swift I hear about?

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