Interrupting Hope at Billingsville Elementary and AG Middle School

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  • The PAX: Anyone interested in helping kids, including spouses and 2.0's

Interrupting Hope at Billingsville Elementary and AG Middle School

F3 (and friends/spouses/2.0’s) has been supporting after school programs at Billingsville Elementary and AG Middle School in Charlotte for many years.   We attempt to tutor and teach but it’s hard work and impact is incremental.  The kids, mostly from Grier Heights, come from tough environments and, at least initially, don’t have a relationship with us. Mom’s sometimes are wary of these outsiders coming in and many of the kids don’t have a father in their home to teach and guide them about respect, authority, and discipline.   The kids live in poverty surrounded by violence, drugs, and other challenges.

But F3, working with Urban Eagles, is interrupting this cycle and providing new hope for the kids.   Our goal is to build stronger relationships, help them learn, and give the kids new perspectives with the goal of giving them hope for a better future.   This can happen in any neighborhood facing similar challenges.

Tutoring at Billingsvillle Elementary – 124 Skyland Avenue, Charlotte, 28211

At Billingsville, we tutor the kids every Tuesday from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm and host an annual Christmas party.   Volunteers are paired one on one with kids to work on reading, math, and other subjects the kids need help with.   The kids are always excited to see the F3 PAX.

We can always use more volunteers so If you, a spouse, a 2.0, or friend are interested in getting involved, please contact Kicken Chicken at or via twitter at @robby_bowers (or just show up on Tuesday at 4:30 during the school year)

AG Middle School – 1800 Runnymede Lane, Charlotte 28211

For the middle school, we conduct weekly activities on Thursday from 5:00 to 5:45 using sports as a way to build stronger relationships. We also coordinate several weekend activities during the year where we get to spend more time with the kids in the program.

We define our mission, values, and success as follows:

  • Mission is to provide holistic (mind, body, spirit) support to the kids
  • Values – Purpose/Respect/Teamwork
  • Success – Kids learn to accept different forms of authority and are empowered to succeed in the future

Our “coaches” (volunteers) believe our first ministry is to God, we have no agenda or pre-defined view of success, care about the kids without condition and strive to always be authentic and consistent

The F3 volunteers at Billingsville are making great strides in effectively tutoring these kids and the AG PAX see the positive impact when the kids move over to AG Middle School.

At AG, we just finished a year that included providing book bags with supplies for the kids, discussions on purpose and identity (tough topics at this age), several weekend activities, and a Christmas Party.

Book bags – Book Bag

Activities (2.0 friendly and helpful):

  • Trip to USNWC for ropes course, zip lines, and biking – 7 boys and four coaches  Zip Line
  • Biking – 7 boys, three coaches and one 2.0 USNWC Bike Riding
  • Biking with Trips for Kids – 7 boys, 3 coaches (YHC forgot to take pix)
  • Hiking at Crowders Mtn – 8 boys, 4 coaches, three 2.0’s  Crowders Mtn Hike
  • Sports day at Johnson C Smith University – 12 kids, 4 coaches, 1 teacher
  • Charlotte Hornets basketball game – 14 kids, 3 teachers, and 2 coaches

Christmas Party – Over 50 kids, 5 coaches, and several partners

What’s next – two things:

  1. Expand number and types of weekend trips.    Your interest is likely something of interest to one of these kids.
  2. Expand this program so kids in other neighborhoods like Grier Heights can receive some Interrupting Hope.

Contact Pete Chepul at or via twitter @pchepul to discuss.


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God’s work – In action. Well don, Chelms!

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