Playing in the sandbox

  • When:11/04/17
  • QIC: Bananas
  • The PAX: Witch Doctor, Orange Whip, Rhapsody, Spackler, Fletch, Big Top, Good Hands, Puddin Pop, Stone Cold, Horsehead, Blazing Saddles, Fault Line, Lex Luther, Tiger Rag, Alf, Floor Slapper, Bananas (Q)

Playing in the sandbox

Always good to see the boys out at Kevlar. A very distinct personality for this site. A bit rough around the edges but mostly good intentions.

The Workout:
Short Lap
15 Merkins IC

Unload the sandbags from the vehicle

Partner up

Catch me if you can around the church and back to the front lot. 10 Merkins chasers

1 partner run and do 2/4/6/8 exercise at each median while other is doing sandbag work

Sandbag Thrusters
2/4/6/8 merkins

Sandbag curls
2/4/6/8 squats

Sandbag Flutter press
2/4/6/8 lbcs

Tricep extensions
2/4/6/8 CDDs

Good Mornings
2/4/6/8 monkey humpers

Catch me if you can back up to parking lot.
10 merkins chaser

Field partner work
P1 Plank
P2 Run

P1 Elbow plank
P2 Run

6MOM w/ rotating pax cadence calls

Moleskine: I leave for years and this is one of the few places I can come back and everything is the same except for my training. Same amount of refuseniks, and definitely the highest amount of methane in the A51 region. I finished it off as champion putting Spackler in the car after he chewed on one. Good Hands, Puddin Pop, and Stone Cold had a moment together watching a shooting star with Stone Cold asking the boys if they saw the shooting star, telling them to make a wish, and Puddin saying in his best 7 year old voice…”I just did..” Pretty cute.
I did miss my little English Bulldog but I’m sure he’ll be back in top form when I come back next month. Big Top was a great partner and we enjoyed working with Blazing Saddles in the sidecar doing his own thing with the sandbag that he had to carry by himself all the way there and home with no complaints. Good job Blazing, I worked on getting you out there for years and now you’re a regular and I’m trying to come back.
Good to see all of you monkey humping, merkin wearing #HIM’s. Sign up for the XMAS Party and more details coming out for the Turkey Bowl.

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HorseheadPosted on9:12 pm - Nov 4, 2016

Thanks for leading. Great workout. Don’t be a stranger big guy.

SpacklerPosted on8:05 am - Nov 5, 2016

I got what I deserved. Just ask Fletch.

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