Hand Release Merkin Day

  • When:11/03/16
  • QIC: Queen
  • The PAX: Spackler, Bounce, Semi- Gloss, Puddin Pop, Good Hands, Seville, Jet Fuel, Run Stopper, Buttermaker, Queen, Safe Light, Haka, Boerewors

Hand Release Merkin Day

Posted on behalf of Queen.


Despite an extra innings, rain delayed World Series Game 7, we still had 13 esteemed gentlemen show up on a foggy morning at Hydra. Here is how it went:
Warm Up
– IW
– Slow Squat
– Slow Merkin
Karaoke for 40 yards on the field, both sides
3 laps around the school and either 30 regular pullups or 50 Supine pull ups
To the bleachers for 11’s dips and squats
To the football field: 50 yards of walking lunges, jog 50 yards, 20 LBC’s, 50 yards of walking lunges and jog 50 yards.
Hand release merkins: 12, run 50 yards, 11 , run 50 yards, 10, etc
To the school for 2 sets of wall squats. First was hold for 30 seconds, the second set was with 50  shoulder presses.
Back to the short field for 4 sets of AYG’s
Back home for Mary: Rosalita and Freddie Mercury’s (I gotta do it since I got named for him)
Very solid performance overall. Lots of solid effort. I intentionally did the hand realease merkins to minimize the head boppin merkins. Run Stopper and Spackler crushed the hand release merkins, the boys from Down Under were solid throughout. Bounce let one rip during the LBC’s. Puddin said that he’d give it a 3 1/2 star rating. I thought it might have been 4 star worthy.
Announcements: F3 Christmas Party and there will be a flag football game on Turkey day in the morning
Thanks for Puddin Pop and Good Hands for giving me the opportunity to Q. Thanks for Jet Fuel for taking us out.

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